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Cycling South Korea: Seoul to Northeast, East Sea Coast & Busan to Seoul
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Booknblues | 5793 comments I love to read books about slow travel, bicycling, hiking, canoeing and since our horizon challenge was South Korea, I searched out a book that would fir and found Cycling South Korea: Seoul to Northeast, East Sea Coast & Busan to Seoul.

Tomas Belcik helped me to get a feel for South Korea from an outsiders perspective and I really appreciate that. His method of cycling is to just go for it without any particular goals or reserved lodging. Sometimes we are given stories of his search for lodging. He seems to alternate between camping and motels.

I got the feeling that South Korea is really dedicated to building their infrastructure and establishing themselves as a biking country:

"Past the Paldang Bridge, I cycled on the north side cycleway that continues through the small town of Paldang, and on along a cycleway that at this point is constructed from a former railway line that followed the river. The bike path is truly perfect, abounding in covered rest areas, passing through tunnels and arriving at the former station of Nungnae, which is now a museum and has a large restaurant, a bike shop repair and countless info boards on the cycling options south or north along the rivers."

One of the things I really appreciated about this book is the links Belcik provided for daily maps and photographs. It was really fun for me to follow each days trek in pictures and really get an idea of what the landscape and architecture looked like.

While he does provide some descriptions of his meals. I would have appreciated more, but that is just me. Here is one which I found quite interesting and immediately wanted to give it a try.

"He took me to a contemporary ice cream parlor specializing in the bomb, a mountain of ice cream covered in soybean powder and sprinkled with shredded almonds. I have never heard of putting soybean powder on an ice cream and my first reaction to the recipe was somewhat skeptical, but the first spoonful of the powdery substance on my tongue made it explode with the most heavenly sense of a cataclysmic tingle that spiked a surge of indescribable sensations unlike any other I have ever experienced."

While I didn't find Belcik to be a great writer and would have liked him to write with more humor, I would like to read other of his books which include treks through India and Japan.

message 2: by Joi (new)

Joi (missjoious) | 3813 comments OMG soybean powder on ice cream is SO good!
I didn't know SK was up and coming on the biking map, this sounds like a good read,

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KateNZ | 2339 comments What a fabulous find - perfect for the challenge even if the writing wasn’t entrancing

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