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Ilona | 4096 comments This thread is to discuss The Secret of Lost Things by Sheridan Hay.

Pages: 349 pages

Length: 1 Month

Participants: Joan and Lindsay

Everyone reads at their own pace during a Buddy Read. Because participants can be at different parts of the book at different times, it is extremely important to mark spoilers so that the book is not ruined for someone who is not as far along as others!

Mark spoilers by placing {spoiler} before the text and {/spoiler} after the text but use the < and > instead of the { and }.

Happy Buddy Reading!

Joan Barnett | 863 comments I started this one this morning. It's not completely captivating me yet but hoping that will change shortly.

Lindsay | 1327 comments I've read through chapter 7. I'm liking it but I'm not totally hooked either. Let's see what happens!

Joan Barnett | 863 comments I finally got through the first two parts. I would say it is a charming book. I like the writing but not much is happening. There is some mystery involved with what is going on with Redburn and Geist. Hopefully we will find out soon. All of the characters seem so lonely in the book. Not one of the characters seem to have a life outside of the bookstore.

Joan Barnett | 863 comments I've read through part III. The book is kind of going in a weird direction from where it started. I could almost care less about the characters and Lindsay I see that you rated it a 2. That is probably what it is going to get from me.

Lindsay | 1327 comments I felt like it just kind of fizzled out towards the end. It didn't really go anywhere for me. It was all a bit disjointed and like you I didn't really care about the characters.

Joan Barnett | 863 comments So Lindsay - can you explain the ending to me? (view spoiler)

Lindsay | 1327 comments (view spoiler)

Joan Barnett | 863 comments Lindsay wrote: "[spoilers removed]"

(view spoiler)

Lindsay | 1327 comments We stuck with it all the way to the end but I'm not sure the author did!

message 11: by Joan (new) - rated it 2 stars

Joan Barnett | 863 comments Lindsay wrote: "We stuck with it all the way to the end but I'm not sure the author did!"

That's for sure. I bought it at a library used book sale for $1. I like to keep the books I love and this one I definitely won't be keeping!!!

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