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The Oracle Year
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March 2019: Debut > The Oracle Year - Charles Soule (3 1/2 stars)

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Cora (corareading) | 1286 comments The Oracle Year - Charles Soule

3 1/2 stars

This is a story about an ordinary twenty-something man who has a dream that gives him 108 predictions about the future. Soon it becomes clear that these predictions are actual prophecies that all come true. The story is about what this man does with his knowledge and how his decisions affect the world.

This was an interesting book. I thought the premise was entertaining and the characters were appealing. I felt like it could have gone a bit deeper into some of the elements of the story. There were times where it felt slow moving and other times it was moving so fast that I felt we were skimming over the story. In the end, I felt like I did not know the point of the story. Not just that I didn't get all the answers to my questions, but more that I didn't know what the author was trying to say. It seemed like there was something there I was supposed to take away, but I missed it. That said, it was an entertaining book and I enjoyed reading it. There was just something missing for me.

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Booknblues | 5358 comments Cora wrote: "The Oracle Year - Charles Soule

3 1/2 stars

There was just something missing for me. "

I know that feeling. Nice review. It sounds like an intriguing premise, sorry that it missed the mark.

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