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Author Leslie North is giving away four (4) Audible codes for The Romano Brothers Series to four lucky members. Post a message here if you want to participate.

We will close the giveaway on April 9 at 12:00 midnight EST. Winners will be randomly selected and Leslie will contact you by private message to provide the code. If your profile is set to private, you must change your settings to allow private messaging in order to be selected.

We encourage all winners to post a review here on Goodreads and Audible after you've finished listening to the book.

Good luck!

Italian Billionaire's Stubborn Lover
Luxury real estate agent Adeline Peluso came to Italy in search of adventure. Inheriting an apartment with a view of the coast in Sicily sounded like something out of a movie, but after two years watching a resort she’d always loved fall to pieces she’s ready to throw in the proverbial towel...that is until one of the owners finally walked into her office. Tall, dark, and devastatingly handsome, the man would drive her crazy with his arguments if he didn’t set her aflame with his kisses.

Billionaire Nicolo Romano is a global citizen. He’s the kind of guy who skis in the Alps, snorkels in the caribbean, and enjoys the lights of the Vegas strip on a whim. He has no desire to be tied down any time soon. So when he and his brothers inherit the family resort, Nicolo has one goal: Sell it and sell it fast. But coming back to the place he loved as a child to find a woman who feels just as passionately about the crumbling hotel throws him. Instead of using his business savvy to sell fast, Nicolo is wooing this woman with his island, slowly falling back in love with the place himself.

When whip smart arguments turn into stolen kisses and stolen kisses turn into steamy nights, Adeline and Nicolo will realize that they’re fighting for more than the fate of a historic hotel. They’re fighting for the chance of life’s greatest adventure: True Love.

Italian Billionaire's Unexpected Lover
Gianpierre Romano is being dragged back to Italy by the one thing he can’t escape: family. The Romano fortune and name has followed him wherever he goes—but that only made the headstrong Italian more determined to strike out on his own. Now, he’s on the cusp of achieving international fame for an architectural project in the middle east when he’s roped into reconstructing the foundation of his family’s resort. It’s a project that Gianpierre has the passion for, but not the time—not if he wants to make it to Dubai for the start date of his dream project. That is until he’s paired with a pretty project manager who makes him want to get passionate about more than just medieval foundations.

Luciana Vivaldi rushed to Italy to care for her niece after the death of her sister, and then fell in love with the culture and people. Beautiful and whip smart, she’s been recruited to keep the Romano Resort’s hunky structural engineer focused and to take him to task if he doesn’t follow his own directives. She’s got a passion for organizing and no time for romance—that is until a kiss following a falling foundation has her doing the one thing she can’t afford: falling for her boss.

Italian Billionaire's Determined Lover
Leonardo Romano has made an independent fortune as a boutique hotel magnate. He has the golden touch when it comes to creating luxurious accommodations, but the one thing Leonardo has avoided is following in his Grandfather’s footsteps. Running the family’s original hotel, the Romano Resort, on the island of Sicily, is a job he’s never felt fated to revive. However, now that his brothers have done their parts in securing and remodeling the hotel, it’s up to Leonardo to do what he does best: entice visitors to revel in the lap of luxury.

Stella Brown is on her last strike. As a historical preservationist she’s just committed the mortal sin of losing a historical property to modern renovations, therefore losing a piece of history. Forever. Now Stella is tasked with proving she can still do her job by halting the Romano Resort’s extravagant renovations and getting them to conform to international preservation laws.
The Romano Brothers Series (The Romano Brothers, #1-3) by Leslie North

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Hannah Byrd 👍🏻

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Jan Miller | 72 comments Awesome giveaway. I loved the audiobooks

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Edward Murphy (beachsided) | 62 comments count me in

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Christi (kira87) | 400 comments I’m in!

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Terri (tlcmom582) Enter me, please!

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Sassafrass (sass-a-frass) | 327 comments Ooh me, me, me! Please and thank you!!

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Mortisha Cassavetes (mortishacassavetes) | 49 comments Count me in!

Stephanie Limas | 10 comments Ohhh I love audiobooks

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Beth C. (beth_cherry) | 22 comments Yes, please! Love listening to audiobooks! Thanks for the chance!

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Effie Kammenou (effiekammenou) | 32 comments Sounds great. It will put me in the mood for my trip to Italy this summer!

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Lynn Reynolds (goodreadscomelylibrarysec) | 33 comments Stopped over to audible and listened to the sample. One thing I figured out is that the samples are never long enough. But it did give me a reason to add it to my wish list.

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Wealie | 126 comments I'm in

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Jane Davis | 7 comments Audio and romance. That is the best.

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Amanda | 2 comments These look great!

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Ashley Lechuga-Huber (dungeonsndrama) | 24 comments I’m in, thank you

Debby*BabyDee | 430 comments Im in ...thx ☺

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Kellie (kelliemeg) | 46 comments I’m in! Thanks!

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Arzu | 55 comments Count me in please!

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☘KathyD☘ | 101 comments thank's for the opportunity!

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Melissa Jones | 10 comments Sounds like a great read! Pick me! Pick me!

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SS | 31 comments These sound very interesting. Please count me in. Thank you.

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September Williams (goodreadcomuser_septemberwiliams) | 16 comments Just under the wire but I think I will like this one!

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And the winners are...

1. Debby “Piene Raven” #17
2. Jane #14
3. Mortisha #8
4. Melissa #21

Congratulations everyone!

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Samantha | 1948 comments Mod
Congrats to the winners.

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Sassafrass (sass-a-frass) | 327 comments Oh, so close. Congrats to the winners!

Debby*BabyDee | 430 comments Thanks Jonetta

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