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message 1: by Clark (last edited Mar 29, 2019 05:19PM) (new)

Clark Wilson | 154 comments Mod
Here is a PDF of the Anscombe translation. So far as I know it's a legitimate copy. If I learn that it's not I'll remove the link.

I was not able to find the text in German. I don't know German. Please post a link if you can.

Also, if you're going to be reading the text in a different English translation or a translation in another language, please post info in this topic.

message 2: by Clark (last edited Mar 31, 2019 10:52AM) (new)

Clark Wilson | 154 comments Mod
Here is a translation of the quotation from Augustine's Confessions at the beginning of Part 1.

"[I watched them and understood that] the sound they [my elders] made when they wanted to indicate that particular thing was the name which they gave to it, and their actions clearly showed what they meant, for there is a kind of universal language, consisting of expressions of the face and eyes, gestures and tones of voice, which can show whether a person means to ask for something and get it, or refuse it and have nothing to do with it.So, by hearing words arranged in various phrases and constantly repeated, I gradually pieced together what they stood for, and when my tongue had mastered the pronunciation, I began to express my wishes by means of them." The translator (I am not making this up) is R.S. Pine-Coffin.

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