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GENRE: Juvenile Fiction YEAR I READ IT IN: around 2012?


- The main character was a boy who was about twelve or thirteen years old. He was sent to live in a small town with his grandparents (at least, I think that's what they were), and his grandfather was pretty gruff and quiet.

- I believe his grandmother opened the door in a pink tracksuit, and some point in the story, he's at a lake in the dark with his grandfather, who went there with his son (the boy's dad).

- I have a feeling the grandparents lived in Minnesota.

- There was a guy in it that went by the name 'Past'. He lived on the streets, even though he had a house. He pushed around a shopping cart full of his belongings, and the reason he didn't want to go home was because something happened either with or to his wife, and he didn't want to live there without her.

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Jessi (zilvlynrae) | 49 comments Are there any more details that you can add? Like why the boy moved there?

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Jessica wrote: "Are there any more details that you can add? Like why the boy moved there?"

I think his parents were in the process of splitting up. Had been arguing a lot for a long time but they sent him to stay with his grandparents when they decided to divorce?

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Jessi (zilvlynrae) | 49 comments I will keep looking but I haven't been able to find anything yet.

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Thanks. I appreciate it :)

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