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Linton Robinson | 1 comments Linton Robinson


Imaginary Lines is border seen from a Mexican woman on one side and a gringo troublemaker from the other. :-) From San Diego/Tijuana area, where I used to write for papers on both sides of the border. This is like "NPR-friendly" essays, in a way.

Sweet Spot is a political/baseball mystery set in Mazatlan carnival. Where I also used to be a journalist.

Also, Mexico freaks would almost certainly enjoy my most successful book... MEXICAN SLANG 101. And don't miss the video.

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Sherry Harvey (sherryharvey) | 4 comments Do you love Mexcico enough to retire there? Jeff Ashmead just released a non-fiction travel essay called, Tropical Delusion - Misadventures in Paradise. Jeff and I would like to tell your group about it and get your feedback on whether this is the type of book your club would be interested in - we will be posting free copies soon on Goodreads. For details, you could look on Amazon:

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Linton | 4 comments I'm not retired but have lived here for 20 years.
I don't think book clubs read essays, do they?

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Linton | 4 comments He needs to get the "Look Inside" going, get some tags on the page, probably should put out an ebook on Kindle, and should consider not using iUniverse next time.

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Sherry Harvey (sherryharvey) | 4 comments All those features will be available in 2 weeks. We are a bit early, but wanted to check if this forum was mainly for people living in Mexico or in the US dreaming of living in Mexico.

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Linton | 4 comments BTW I lived on Isla Mujeres for 8 years.

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Sherry Harvey (sherryharvey) | 4 comments Q.Roo is an awesome place - the people are wonderful, the area is gorgeous as you know from Isla Mujeres. This 214 page book is about our "gringo" approach to moving there, doing everything by the rules, etc. etc. we were amateurs. Looking back, it was funny and painful, but wouldn't trade it for anything.

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Linton | 4 comments Definitely.
Here's an article I did on this recently.

This "gringos go fix up a house in Mexico" book is almost a sub-genre.

You might want to check around for review swaps.

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Sherry Harvey (sherryharvey) | 4 comments Thanks!

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