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Celandine (Touchstone Trilogy, #2)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Children's novel set during WWI about a girl who runs away with fairies after her brother is killed in the war, possibly from a series [s]

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Amanda (stoneknivesandbearskins) | 79 comments The cover was purple with a painting of the girl, who was blonde. The title was her name, which was unusual. I think it was something similar to “Corina” or “Tania” (I’ve already searched those titles but nothing came up).

I checked this out from a K-8th grade Catholic school library in 2011. It was a pretty thick paperback. The MC was a girl from the English countryside, and her older brother goes off to war. There was a lot of buildup to her running away before her brother’s death, which was the final straw. In particular she didn’t get along with her tutor/governess, and the pony she was given as a present died the day after she got it, possibly poisoned. She blamed the tutor for its death and there’s a scene where the MC stabs the tutor in the thigh with a pair of scissors.

The fairies I remember were in trouble because winter was coming and they were fighting with either another group of fairies or another type of fantasy woodland creature. The MC cuts her hair and runs away, where she encounters them and (I’m assuming) offered to help.

I didn’t finish the book, but I think it was part of a series. I remember being put off by how dark it was. (I was about 12 years old then.)

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Celandine, maybe? or its companion, The Various, which has a more purplish cover.

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Amanda (stoneknivesandbearskins) | 79 comments Andria wrote: "Celandine, maybe? or its companion, The Various, which has a more purplish cover."

Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, but yes, it was Celendine. Thanks so much!

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