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The Time Traveler's Wife
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Jason Oliver | 2063 comments I watched the movie many years ago and though the premise was really cool. In a time where it is hard to find truly original stories. The romance of boy meets girl and and they fall in love and face an adversity is not original, but this particular adversity, how they meet and how they fall in love is original.

For this, I give this book a lot of points. Being original is definitely the largest plus for me.

In this story, the man is a time traveler. He has no control over when and where he travels nor can he take anything with him. He tends to visit major life events and visit important people in his life. His wife first meets at future version of the time traveler when she is 6. The story is told from her perspective in original order of her life and from the time travelers perspective.

I wish there were half ratings because I really want to rate this book 3.5 stars. Life I mentioned before, originality is a huge for me. I loved that this idea was thought up and, to my knowledge, not explored before in this way.

However, there were two main negatives of this book. I did not like the writing nor the story telling at times. I felt the writing to very short nondescript sentences. It almost felt like the original story was not long enough so they went back added sentences like, "she walked to the fridge. She pulled out the ingredients. She made a sandwich." (not actually from the book) Because of this, there are portions of the book that do not continue or add to the story. Its a list of mundane actions of the characters. I didn't bother me at first but as the story when on, it killed momentum.

There is a large creep factor in this book. (view spoiler) There is definitely some creepiness.

message 2: by Amy (new) - rated it 1 star

Amy | 8149 comments I am aware this book was incredibly well loved by others. I happen to be in outlier. I just didn’t care for it, and I think you’re perfectly fine Jason to use decimals or half ratings or whatever it is you like to describe the experience of the book. I think for me it just felt jumpy. Which I get was the intention of the creative premise. I also just didn’t care for the writing and didn’t feel grounded in it, in particular didn’t like the characters. But let me tell you how much this book was been loved by others, so don’t let my negative spin discolor anything if you were one of the ones for him just loved it. If I’m not mistaken, just a few weeks ago AJ was telling us that this was one of her favorites. And for folks would love time travel here you go. I think my April Italy book is a time travel one, I think I’m mixed on time travel, although I loved the TV Show Timeless.

annapi | 4850 comments I'm on the love side of this book. I loved the creativity and originality, and got used to the jumping around, and just enjoyed the ride.

Booknblues | 5305 comments I generally love time travel, but both the jumpiness and creep factor overwhelmed my take on this.

I am in the minority on this.

message 5: by Nikki (new)

Nikki | 661 comments I really liked this one, I enjoyed the way the author explored all the complicated emotions generated by the bizarre situation. I read it & watched the film a while ago and if I remember rightly I loved the book, and also enjoyed the movie but thought it was harder to overlook the obviously icky elements when they were portrayed in the film.

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