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message 1: by Amelia (new)

Amelia Uebel | 28 comments Mod
Hey guys,

Everyone is working so hard to reach their goal and it really shows in all the threads and lists of books everyone has read. I love seeing how much everyone is reading and it is a strong motivator to read more myself.

For March, I read 24 books so far, which was the most I've read in a month all year. I've been struggling with my migraines and trying to balance my health with reading is a challenge in itself. Regardless, I'm excited to finish out this year and keep reading.

I participated in the Popsugar-Rush this month, although I followed it very loosely. I checked off 15 books on the list. I will also be opening the thread for the book of the month soon.

April is National Poetry Month, and while I would love to celebrate this, I would still like to add other challenges for April. With that being said, if anyone has ideas for any challenges that have either- 1) already been created or 2) can be created - feel free to leave a suggestion. I might open a poll tomorrow for potential challenges for April.


Happy reading,

message 2: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Mellen (librarypatronus) | 37 comments I’ve read 40 this month, though I’m hoping to sneak a couple more into the end of the month. I’m thinking I’ll end up upping my goal from 365, because I’m pretty ahead now at 120.

I’m needing to start being more intentional to fill PopSugar challenges, because my remaining 17 aren’t ones I’m likely to coincidentally fill as I have been.

Next month I’m planning on participating in Book Battle, the OWLs readathon (Book Roast on YouTube hosting), and Creating and Co’s Escape to Book Island readathon.

I’ve been working on my other bookish goals that aren’t related to just reading a lot, and I’m pleased with my progress -

Read 50% or less sci-fi/fantasy (to encourage variety) - I’m right at 50%.

Pick up a random book browsing at the library and not just the popular ones everyone is reviewing on Goodreads/Instagram/YouTube (as much as I’ve loved so many I’ve found that way, I’m sure there’s so many great ones not getting mentioned too, that I might love) This is going well as far as picking them, but I’ve had a few misses as far as how much I liked them 😂

message 3: by Sassenach (new)

Sassenach (joellesassenach) | 26 comments Hi all,

I've read 30 books in March (and I hope to finish one tomorrow ... maybe two) so I'm quite happy, even if it's mostly graphic novels and short novels !

I haven't been good about the Popsugar challenge because I had so many reads due to book clubs that I didn't really choose myself the titles I've read. But I discovered some authors so it was fun :) And book club dates made me read more and faster !

I don't know how April will go but it seems I wll be able to have more flexibility in my reading choices.

Happy reading everyone ... it's time for me to go to bed because it's 3 am but I will read some time before turning off the lights ;)

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