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Arch  | 4110 comments Mod
Why are some heroes written as Mr. Untouchable Sex, as if he wasn't born a virgin and a female wasn't the one to break his virginity? Yes, I am very vocal about not caring about sex scenes in a book, but that doesn't mean I haven't read books, where it was obvious that the hero was to be looked upon as being the super expert on sex. He could teach the heroine so many things, even if she isn't a virgin. Really? As I have stated before in another thread, romance books to me is not a fantasy. I like realism in stories. No wonder, so many heroines think that the hero is too big and that he will not fit. Let the hero be real. Let the heroine not be silly.

message 2: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (sandyy1603) | 12 comments Yeah great big eye roll too often when we hear how fabulous he is and of course so well endowed. I guess the problem for the author is that they feel they will detract from their hero if he is not just fantastic at everything.
There still seems to a bit of prevalence of men in books with so much more experience than the woman, can't think of many books that I have read that had the man as a virgin, plenty of women though. Katie Ruggle does it in Gone Too Deep, (a good read)
Anything based in a modern society ought to have a bit more equality I reckon.

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