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message 1: by MrsJoseph *grouchy*, *good karma* (new)

MrsJoseph *grouchy* (mrsjoseph) | 7282 comments Hello Fantasy Aficionados!

FA used to be a very active group but lately participation levels have fallen quite a bit. We'd like to change that!

So. This is a rollcall to see:

1- how many people are interested in getting FA active again? (please post here)

2- How many people are interesting in participating in monthly group reads?

3 - We need a new Co-Mod! If you are interested in helping moderate FA, please send me a PM! We're looking for someone who will be excited about moderating the monthly book of the month reads.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

message 2: by Lucinda (new)

Lucinda | 183 comments Yes, and Yes,

message 3: by James (new)

James Gonzalez | 131 comments 1. Yes
2. Yes depending on the book

message 4: by Jackie (new)

Jackie Yes and Yes

message 5: by Maggie (new)

Maggie (ceodraiocht) | 9 comments 1. yes
2. I lurk but don’t participate in the monthly discussions (so I’d say yes although you won’t ‘see’ me there).

message 6: by Joyce (new)

Joyce | 1 comments Yes!

Mike (the Paladin) (thepaladin) | 5387 comments I'm willing MrsJ. I check back now and again. I'm not here as much as I was a while back but if the book is one I'm interested in I'll do the monthly reads and comment in discussions etc.

message 8: by Janny (new)

Janny (jannywurts) | 181 comments Yes and sometimes.

message 9: by R.A. (new)

R.A. White (rawhite) | 288 comments I like to check in now and then. I like to see what people are reading and hear what they think about it. Sometimes it piques my interest and I check out a book. I don't know about monthly reads, though. It would depend on the book and what else I have going on.

message 10: by Brian (new)

Brian Allen | 7 comments I am new to the group so my interests are very high. I would love to do monthly reads, as I have never participated in a group reading. I hope everyone can get their intensity back for this group and I look forward to conversing about books with everyone.

message 11: by MrsJoseph *grouchy*, *good karma* (new)

MrsJoseph *grouchy* (mrsjoseph) | 7282 comments I’m excited to hear this! I’d love to hear some examples of things that you’d be most excited to do/read.

It’s your group, too. 😉

message 12: by Mike (the Paladin) (last edited Mar 30, 2019 04:51PM) (new)

Mike (the Paladin) (thepaladin) | 5387 comments I just dropped by the group...hadn't been there in a while as it turns out, LOL. I'll go by again tomorrow after church (unless I fall asleep...I do that sometimes when I get home, I'm turning into a stereotypical old guy I think. [I just spent a couple of days running down some of the toy soldiers I played with back in the late '50s early '60s]).

Anyway, time to consider a group read I guess.


message 13: by Jennilee (new)

Jennilee (jennileefoster) | 1 comments Yes

message 14: by Jeremy (new)

Jeremy Tassoff | 8 comments Hi all,

I'd be interested.
I'm mostly a lurker, but I'll toss in an occasional observation or question.

message 15: by Kit (new)

Kit Campbell (kitcampbell) | 1 comments I'm interested in getting the group active!

As for a monthly read, I'll probably participate occasionally, depending on the book and my workload, but I like the idea in general.

message 16: by (new)

Bé | 12 comments 1 - Yes
2 - I'm not sure, I would like to try but depends on the book

message 17: by Jason (new)

Jason Hein (jasonphein) | 32 comments Life keeps me pretty busy, but I would be all for trying to drop by when able! If the groups gets back up and going, I’d try and do my part.

message 18: by MrsJoseph *grouchy*, *good karma* (new)

MrsJoseph *grouchy* (mrsjoseph) | 7282 comments SOunds good!

So. I think this could be a great time for a group read.

Question: Do you want to try for an April read or May?

Also, how would you like to do it?
By that, I mean are you interested in free-for-all nominations or would you prefer to have themes? If you want themes, do you want the Mods to pick themes and then you all nominate OR do you want create a theme pool that the Mods drop into a randomizer on a monthly basis?

In order to ensure that books being nominated and voted for are somewhat desirable, we will be requiring seconds to all nominations for the nom to be considered valid.

Mike (the Paladin) (thepaladin) | 5387 comments I'm cool with either selected themes or a two part election as I participate in group reads if it's a book I want to read.

That said I'd say go for nominations (no second needed) on topic/theme and then nominate books. That would also mean that going for May would be the most simple (simplest?).

So either way. I'm technologically challenged so if that way is too much trouble go for one vote, either way works.

message 20: by Maggie (new)

Maggie K | 730 comments Yes and yes!
Free for all fantasy noms would be good.

message 21: by Tina (new)

Tina | 177 comments 1 - totally interested
2- would be up for them as I participate in some other groups I am in when the BOTM is interesting to me

Also agree a free for all nomination/voting process is probably the most democratic and may be the best mechanism to incite interest.

message 22: by Emily (new)

Emily | 95 comments I’m hoping to participate if we do one in May, and I have no preference to nomination process. Whatever is easiest for you guys.

message 23: by Jackie (new)

Jackie I don't have a preference for the nomination process either. But I will try to participate.

message 24: by Rob (new)

Rob Holmes | 1 comments Yes and yes

message 25: by Travis (new)

Travis Seals | 1 comments Yes and yes

message 26: by MrsJoseph *grouchy*, *good karma* (new)

MrsJoseph *grouchy* (mrsjoseph) | 7282 comments May 2019 Nominations here:

message 27: by Carrie (new)

Carrie  (icanhasbooks) | 11 comments Yes
I'm more of a lurker but if the monthly book works out to be one I want to read/plan on reading soonish then I can be tempted.

message 28: by AliciaJ (new)

AliciaJ Yes and yes.

Marc *Dark Reader of the Woods* (marcthedarc) I would participate in this group and at least some monthly reads. I think the discussion boards need to be cleaned up, archive all of the years-old inactive topics and such.

Snarktastic Sonja (snownsew) | 258 comments I miss this group. :( first one I was active in when I joined goodreads. I always look for group books, so I'd be in.

message 31: by MrsJoseph *grouchy*, *good karma* (new)

MrsJoseph *grouchy* (mrsjoseph) | 7282 comments :-D

message 32: by Celeste (new)

Celeste (celeste_bocchicchio) | 2 comments I am interested in participating in the group and hopefully at least some group reads.

message 33: by Evaine (new)

Evaine | 5 comments So I've been member here forever, lurked a bit, but generally didn't do anything. I don't read fantasy exclusively, but it is my favorite genre and I want to try and get into some discussions, get other folks ideas and thoughts on books, stuff like that. So I'm going to give being active a shot. :)

message 34: by carol., Senor Crabbypants (new)

carol. | 2616 comments Glad to see you come out of the shadows!

message 35: by Evaine (new)

Evaine | 5 comments carol. wrote: "Glad to see you come out of the shadows!"

Thank you, Carol!

message 36: by Kamilah (new)

Kamilah (chiccitygal) | 1 comments Hello everyone!!

Just joined today and I’m interested in participating in the monthly reads.

message 37: by carol., Senor Crabbypants (new)

carol. | 2616 comments Welcome!

message 38: by MrsJoseph *grouchy*, *good karma* (new)

MrsJoseph *grouchy* (mrsjoseph) | 7282 comments Welcome Kamilah!

message 39: by AliciaJ (last edited Sep 14, 2019 09:40AM) (new)

AliciaJ I started to post something about still being interested, and then saw that I already did that back in April LOL. Obviously I need to pay more attention! ;)

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