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message 1: by ❀ Susan (new)

❀ Susan G (susanayearofbooksblogcom) | 3625 comments Mod
Wow! This week has been such an exciting week and I wonder how much reading has been done with all the drama of Canada Reads. Check out the Canada Reads thread to learn more about the fun-filled finale that a group of us attended. What a wonderful way to spend a day (or the last 4) watching/listening to debates and celebrating Canadian books and authors!!

It is also hard to believe that we are finishing up the month of March! Where did the time go?

What are you reading? What is next??

Allison ༻hikes the bookwoods༺ (allisonhikesthebookwoods) | 1723 comments TGIF! It's been such a fun week with the Canada Reads debates to look forward to each day, but it's also been a busy one for me, so in that regard, I'm glad it's nearly over.

I'm still listening to A Spark of Light for book club, which I started late last week. It's a long book plus I have been driving less than usual this week. Hoping to finish today.

I finished My Year of Rest and Relaxation last weekend and really liked it. It's a strange book, but also a compelling one. Now I'm reading The Luminous Sea. I'm about halfway through and still haven't decided if I like it or not.

message 3: by Story (new)

Story (storyheart) It was fun to vicariously enjoy the Canada Reads group's engagement and excitement this week. You're one passionate group of readers!

Here on the other side of Canada, I'm been enjoying some Canlit: The World Afloat: Miniatures by Vancouver Island author M.A.C. Farrant. I loved her funny, effervescent micro-fictions and am looking forward to reading more by her.

Also some Britlit: re-listening to Ali Smith's Autumn and re-reading Winter in happy anticipation of the arrival of Spring in a few weeks. Like the real season, Winter was a bit hit and miss for me but I love, love, love Autumn. I feel like I should be wearing Susan's recommended "FIGHT EVIL; READ BOOKS t-shirt as I work my way through Smith's series. Maybe with the added phrase MAKE ART.

My best book of the last few weeks was non-fiction: Wilding about a couple's experience turning their farm back into wilderness. In a world where almost all news about nature is painful and depressing, this hope-filled and informative book is balm to the soul.

Happy reading to all.

message 4: by Susan (new)

Susan | 765 comments Happy Friday! Canada Reads made for a fun week, plus I am attending a book festival for the next 3 days so this book nerd is happy.

This week I finished We Cast a Shadow. I struggled with this one, which made me sad because I really wanted to love it (the author is a local and has so much enthusiasm for literature). I think that satires about race are just too much for me. Anything funny or clever in them just makes me too sad, ultimately. I had similar trouble with The Sellout. :-(

I also started too many books this week and then had to dial it back. I'm focusing on Lot and Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman. So far, Lot is a very strong debut story collection set in Houston. I'm seeing this author at the book fest on Sunday! I'm reading Shrill in paper and audio and both formats are good since she has a very strong voice. It's an interesting essay collection that deals with serious topics but still has plenty of LOLs.

I also started Dance of the Happy Shades for bingo but will likely stretch these stories out over many weeks of reading.

Allison ༻hikes the bookwoods༺ (allisonhikesthebookwoods) | 1723 comments @Storyheart, I have Audible credits building up and was thinking of using them for this series by Ali Smith. For some reason, my library doesn't have these audiobooks.

message 6: by Story (new)

Story (storyheart) Allison ༻hikes the bookwoods༺ wrote: "@Storyheart, I have Audible credits building up and was thinking of using them for this series by Ali Smith. For some reason, my library doesn't have these audiobooks."

Mine doesn't have Winter on audio yet but got Autumn a few weeks ago. I'm loving the narration.

message 7: by Rainey (new)

Rainey | 671 comments Now that I have Canada Reads books out of the way I am on to my BDA book Clubs April read The Poet X,

I also will now be reading Becoming my secret reader exchange book. I will be back briefly in TO to see Michelle Obamas Becoming book tour. I also have the audio book and will listen when I can read the book

message 8: by Gail (new)

Gail Amendt | 156 comments Happy Friday everyone!!! It is spring break here, and although I no longer have school aged kids, the playgroups I facilitate were canceled, so I was able to work from home and actually managed to watch Canada Reads. I didn't get a chance to read all of the books beforehand, but it was still enjoyable.

This week I finished Small Great Things for my local book club. I have mixed feelings about this one. It provided much food for thought about race, and made me examine my own biases and privilege, but it was also quite cliched and the writing very formulaic. I think Jodi Picoult needs to spend more time on her novels. It feels like this one was churned out to meet a deadline, and could have been so much more.

Then I read The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank. I read this as a teen and wasn't terribly impressed...what an idiot I was then! I think at the time I was judging her as teen girls will judge other teen girls. Thirty-five years later I view her much more objectively, and can see how remarkable she really was. Anyway, I re-read it as the traveling exhibit from the Anne Frank House is at a museum near me, so my daughter and I are going to see it.

I have now started Starlight. Richard Wagamese is one of my favorite authors, so I know this is going to be a good one.

message 9: by CynthiaA (new)

CynthiaA (bookthia) | 109 comments Hi friends! I didn't get much reading done this week as I spent a lot of time listening/watching Canada REads. Plus, March Madness is on TV and my husband and I are HUGE college basketball fans so more tv than usual for the next few weeks.

I did finish a cozy mystery, the fourth in Alan Bradley's Flavia de Luce series I Am Half-Sick of Shadows I needed a light book as a break after all the heavy Canada Reads stories!

I am halfway through Michelle Obama's Becoming(oh goodness her voice is so pitch perfect!)

I am also half way through The Tattooist of Auschwitz and I'm trying really hard to NOT compare this to Max Eisen's beautiful memoir By Chance Alone: A Remarkable True Story of Courage and Survival at Auschwitz, but its difficult.

message 10: by ✿✿✿May (last edited Mar 29, 2019 02:16PM) (new)

✿✿✿May  | 752 comments It was a very exciting day at the Canada Reads finale yesterday, meeting everyone, having pictures taken, discussing the debates, and just catching up over lunch! I wish I get to see everyone more often, and @Rainey, looking forward to Michelle Obama real soon! Last Sunday I was excited to meet Lisa See and looking forward to reading her new book The Island of Sea Women!
I finished Only Time Will Tellin paper and A Cook's Tour: Global Adventures in Extreme Cuisines], The Marriage Bureau: The True Story of How Two Matchmakers Arranged Love in Wartime London] and Prince Harry: The Inside Story in audio. Currently reading The Woman in the Window.
Have a great weekend everyone!

message 11: by ❀ Susan (new)

❀ Susan G (susanayearofbooksblogcom) | 3625 comments Mod
@Storyheart - Wilding sounds like an interesting book.

@Susan - sounds exciting. what book festival are you attending? By the way - the out of print website that i posted in the Canada Reads thread has book nerd t=shirts too!

@Rainey - looking forward to seeing you again for Michelle Obama. you will love the book. She is so inspiring!!! I can't wait to hear her speak!

@Gail - i LOVED Starlight... and almost everything by Richard Wagamese.

@May - next time we get together, i want the hear about Lisa See. She was in Waterloo but on a night i had commitments.

Reading has been slow for me this past week as i was out most evenings and only finished Low Country Heart which was a collection of his letters (aka blog posts but he hated to call it a blog) and were an interesting collection of his life experiences. On audio, I am listening to Uncle Tom's Cabin but it is taking me a while as i have not done too much commuting.

I need to dig into a light palate cleanser, after the seriousness of the last number of books that i have read. Any suggestions? perhaps, i should just scan my shelves!! lol

message 12: by Emmkay (new)

Emmkay | 295 comments I enjoyed the Canada Reads updates and excitement this week! Swamped at work here plus an ailing much-loved elderly pet, so a rough week at my end. I have not been doing much reading, but I did have the chance to finish My Year of Rest and Relaxation - weird and wonderful. I've also begun - barely - The Hate U Give. Very good so far.

message 13: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen | 375 comments I enjoyed Canada Reads last week. I think that it was the best Canada Reads week that I have heard.
I finished reading a couple books by Canadian authors ~ MOON OF THE CRUSTED SNOW by Waubgeshig Rice ~ 5 stars, and on my kindle an interesting memoir complete with photos ~ DOUG KNOCKWOOD, MI'KMAW ELDER: STORIES, MEMORIES, REFLECTIONS by Doug Knockwood ~ 4 stars.
I finished listening to AN AMERICAN MARRIAGE by Tayari Jones ~ 4 stars. I read THE DEAL OF A LIFETIME AND OTHER STORIES by Fredrik Backman ~ 4 stars.
I am listening to THE LAKE HOUSE by Kate Morton, and am caught up in the mystery. It has 18 CDs and is over 21 listening hours long. And I have started reading THE GREATEST HITS OF WANDA JAYNES by Bridget Canning on Libby. For my real life book club I am reading a large text print copy of UNLESS by Carol Shields.
I have started reading 500 SALADS: THE ONLY SALAD COMPENDIUM YOU'LL EVER NEED by Susannah Blake, one of the three cookbooks from my Secret Sender. Thanks again, Secret Sender. I am enjoying reading these recipes and choosing which ones to make.
Have a wonderful week reading, my friends!

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