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message 1: by Bradford (new)

Bradford Hoel (bradfordhoel) | 1 comments Do you ever wish you could finally dig deep in your bible without beingan expert in Greek and Hebrew?Now you have no excuse the newest Bible resource by Rev BradfordHoel delivers the deep gems of scripture in a way the average believercan understand!You can use this resource in many ways!1.The complete Biblical Discipleship Resource 2.Deep and complete understanding of Rock solid Biblical Theology andHermeneutics.3.Rich and thought filled bible study Questions after every chapter.4. Historical and cultural Analysis 5. Many Greek and Hebrew word studies -for a limited time free access to video introductions Perfect for Bible study groups!Get this book today and you will never be able to say it’s Greek to meagain!Check out the following video promo Order today and receive access to video teaching!
Order your copy today!
By Grace Through Faith Volume 2

message 2: by Mickey (new)

Mickey Mullen (mrmullenvcncom) | 655 comments Rev BradfordHoel was never redeemed the reason I know this is your last sentence of (By Grace Through Faith Volume 2) There is know such thing as "Grace Through Faith." salvation is physical, to be born again and receiving the Holy Ghost is physical. Those that think they know something, if not born again first, they can't possibly know what God has hid in the truth allegorically from them. St Matthew 13:10-11 and 11:25 Seek first God's righteousness. St Matthew 6:33

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