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message 1: by James (new)

James Field | 10 comments Snowing Butterflies is an 99,000-word drama murder mystery, set in Norway's Arctic north. It is a story of jealousy and murder, but also of retribution. There is a strong ethnic insight into the everyday lives of the Norwegian Saami folk.

Forty-three years ago, BERIT ANNA, a Saami woman, was born lifeless. A passing shaman negotiated with the spirits and restored her soul into her tiny body. The price: Berit Anna must devote her life to shamanism, which entails a life of celibacy and loneliness. As Berit Anna matures, part of her wants to accept her spiritual destiny. Yet, in her need to experience happiness in life, she falls in love with a local boy, defies her parents, and later marries a foreigner. Her husband soon rejects her and her ancient culture, and she struggles to make her own way in life. She puts off becoming a shaman and the spirits' punishments are increasingly severe. They exact dark tolls for her lack of commitment.

The spirits, growing impatient, give her an alternative: choose between shamanism or death. She's forcefully thrust into an evening of murder and havoc at a local village motel in the remote north, where the visitors are far from help. When people start dying, the guests turn on one another to find out who the murderer is. Guests include Berit Anna's husband (accused of murdering his first wife), her first love and his wife (who have an unhappy marriage and desperate debts), a priest with a mysterious past, a stranger (whose beloved cousin perished in unsolved circumstances), and the old shaman who restored her to life as a newborn baby, eager to see her take up her mystic calling.

Will various guests pay for their misdeeds? And will Berit Anna take up her calling, or find a way to live her own life?

Sound interesting? After three years of work and two rounds with editors, my novel is ready for beta reading. I would really appreciate honest opinions, good or bad. Either PM me or use my email:

Hope to hear from you, James

message 2: by Kayla (new)

Kayla Latulippe | 13 comments Drama, murder, mystery.... my three favorite things in books! I would love to read this! My email is

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