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Jonas Pihl | 64 comments Mod
This is the thread where we can meet to discuss our thoughts midway through the book. Since people might be reading different editions, and this book doesn't use chapters, just make an approximate guess.

Be sure to check out the thread once in a while during March, as we read the book. Don't hesitate to share your opinions - likes and dislikes - and any questions or discussions about the book you might have.

Will Grogan | 2 comments I knew this would be depressing coming in, but my lord it's bleak. It makes me wonder what the end will be like.
I like the simplicity in which it's written, it matches the situation the man and his boy find themselves in. Stripped of the fancy, convoluted writing styles of many other books, this seems real, genuine and serious about what it's trying to say.
A really interesting read so far!

Jonas Pihl | 64 comments Mod
Yeah, the writing style makes it very atmospheric, and I personally love that.

message 4: by N.D. (last edited Apr 07, 2019 11:58PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

N.D. (ndvenus) | 57 comments Mod
This book is way more interesting than the movie so far. I usually hate books where the main characters are kind of alone against the environment, but this novel leaves a sense of hope that keeps me intrigued.

message 5: by Ben (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ben | 22 comments I had prepared myself to hate this book and slog through the bleakness. The best case scenario in my mind was a difficult but rewarding experience.

So far, I have been really surprised at how much I love it. The whole experience feels so real and the writing completely draws me into the story.

Also, the man (and possibly the son) have to die at the end, right? There is no way that this story can have a "happy ending," where they find safety and other good people upon reaching the coast. The world in this novel is simply too cruel for that and I am not looking forward to how this ends.

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