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message 1: by Jeremy (new)

Jeremy Samuel | 1 comments Hi,
So I tried every possible way to figure out the name of this book I read a couple of years ago. The only things i remember are the characters who are named Caio and Dru. I tried searching the names of google but no relevant results came up.
The story goes this way: Dru is Caio's secretary and is hopeful of a promotion. But that does not happen and she resigns. Hes described as a monster who does not know what empathy is. They eventually fall in love. It would be great if someone could help me find out the name of the book or the author atleast.

message 2: by Mai (new)

Mai | 1215 comments Searching online I found A Devil in Disguise by Caitlin Crews. The names are Drusilla (Dru) and Cayo.
Drusilla Bennett's job from hell will soon be over. Ready to take her life back and walk away from the devil - currently disguised as her boss - Dru plucks up the courage to say 'I quit!'
Nothing has ever taken Cayo Vila by surprise - until now. And the word 'no' just isn't part of his vocabulary. So a resignation from the best PA he's ever had is simply unacceptable.
Dru's heard all about his legendary charm, but now that it's turned on her she understands exactly why it's so hard to say no to Cayo Vila!

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