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Hello everybody. This is our first writing contest. If you wish to participate, please say so here. Also, if you don't want to take up room by posting multiple poetry, you would post a link, like so. Read my poems!(just an example)

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That's so cute. I like it. Thanks for participating.

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Athena .....ehhhhhhhhhh.....

Rachel (Raindrop Baker) (therootbeer) I will post my poetry later, one of mine went into a book I hope you know!

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Haley Ellis (BeautifullyBroken) | 4 comments Here's two of mine. There...suckish. But, my friends seem to like them. I dont know how to do that link I'm posting them here.

"No more fun
no more games
Im in the sunshine
but then it rains
coming down fast
hitting me hard
falling to the ground
I can't make a sound
Searching through the darkness
trying to find the light
the hope for my friendship
is the reason for this fight
I can see the sky
right now it's blue and clear
only a second later
I start to fill with fear
the thunder rumbles in
the lighting kills my faith
I try to see the light
but now it's much to late."

And here's the second one.

"Sitting here I ignore the pain
Try to forget all the stupid names
But it's just not working
The names a really hurting
They haunt me as I sit in my bed
facing them tomorrow is what I dread.
There stone cold faces make me sick
but no, they will never make me split.
I know who I am and I do not hate
I would just love to shatter a plate.
I will not be mean in return
no, no. I am quite mature.
So I'll just smile and pretend it's okay
I'll act as if I dont hear the names.
I will stand, with my head held high
'cause you can not hurt me, no matter how hard you try."

So, yeah. There they are. Pretty suckish. As I said before.

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Rachel (Raindrop Baker) (therootbeer) I know...

Rachel (Raindrop Baker) (therootbeer) here is the site for my writing, and you you wan tmore, you will have to beg! jk...:

Rachel (Raindrop Baker) (therootbeer) here is my poems:
All the creeks are running,
Trees are giving bloom,
Until they make popcorn.

Time for play and joy,
Children sprinting about,
Two seasons that blend.

Colorful and bright,
Playing sports and games,
Everything alive.

After the warmth and creation,
Leaves begin to fall,
Making another season.

Your breath is cold,
Cuddle in warm clothes,
Another temperature.

Goes onto another year,
Still in the bitter cold,
Until it starts over.

Rachel (Raindrop Baker) (therootbeer) here is another:
Land of Snow
I learned in the summer it is hot,
But I know this not,
Because I live in a land of snow,
And not where the flowers grow.

Rachel (Raindrop Baker) (therootbeer) again another:
I have something I love to create,
A creation is something you make,
One of the pieces is something you buy,
When you’re done you will say “Hi!”
You’ve said hello to your vanilla shake.

Rachel (Raindrop Baker) (therootbeer) those are one of my favorite ones that I have done.

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haha, kewlio.

message 18: by Hannah(JJ) (new)

Hannah(JJ) (creativegirl_4everyahoocom) this one stinks SO bad, lol:

There was a cute boy of Maine,
Whose hair was wild and untamed,
One day he went out hunting,
Looking for a bunting,
But came back empty handed and shamed.

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 Araceli I think it's cute!

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Hannah(JJ) (creativegirl_4everyahoocom) ha ha, thanks =D

Rachel (Raindrop Baker) (therootbeer) It really it cute!

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Hannah(JJ) (creativegirl_4everyahoocom) i like yours ; Creation ! =D

Rachel (Raindrop Baker) (therootbeer) Thx. The one that went in the poetry book was Seasons.

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Hannah(JJ) (creativegirl_4everyahoocom) Awesome!!!!!!!!!

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Haha, it''s awesome!

message 26: by Araceli (new)

 Araceli Himi!

message 27: by [deleted user] (new)

Araceli! Hiz!

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Hannah(JJ) (creativegirl_4everyahoocom) lets RP!

Rachel (Raindrop Baker) (therootbeer) other people out there...I say that they should post a poem.

Ivie the one with a LOUD HALARIOUS laugh  (posionivy01) hey i made myself the mod..:D lol

Rachel (Raindrop Baker) (therootbeer) make me a mod cuz!

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:p We need more stuff in this group.

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Like, contests and stuff..

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Rachel (Raindrop Baker) (therootbeer) stories!

message 36: by Hannah(JJ) (new)

Hannah(JJ) (creativegirl_4everyahoocom) yay! i like stuff

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Haley Ellis (BeautifullyBroken) | 4 comments What do people think of mine that I posted earlier?

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It's cool!

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Haley Ellis (BeautifullyBroken) | 4 comments Thanks. [:

Rachel (Raindrop Baker) (therootbeer) It is totally awesome!

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Nicole aka Nr (sailingchick97) I loved them!!!! I really liked to 2nd one!!

message 44: by Nicole aka Nr (new)

Nicole aka Nr (sailingchick97) you and Haley

Rachel (Raindrop Baker) (therootbeer) thx! *blush*

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Haley Ellis (BeautifullyBroken) | 4 comments Aww, thanks.

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