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I comment (Icomment) | 37 comments Who are the women you admire?

message 2: by Megan (new)

Megan Cheang | 97 comments Kylie Bisutti - inner beauty role model. She is my top role model because she inspires me to love my body the way it is. Kylie is also a religious model for me.
Emma Watson - feminist role model, and yes I am a fan of her movies
Liu Yi Fei - Technically, she's the next Mulan but I loved her previous movie Once Upon A Time, but I was very impressed by the fact that she can speak English, Chinese and Japanese!
Esther - She gets her own book in the bible!

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Charlotte (lottikala) | 11 comments I always admired my great-grandmother Zecilie. She had been born and lived at the Romanian Black Sea coast in a German settlement with her husband and her then nine children. However, near the end of WW2 the whole family left this place to go back to Germany. At this time, my great-grandmother had already been pregnant with twins. Before they were able to reach their destination, the Russians caught them and demanded the family's only horse but my great-grandfather was too stubborn and refused to hand it over so they shot him and took the horse anyway. My great-grandmother, now alone with all nine children, gave birth to the twins and finished the rest of the way as an only-mother. All the kids and their mother survived the war and whatever came after and reached high ages. I can only imagine how hard life must have been for her given that she was German, on the run and on her own in the 40s. It makes me proud to be her great-granddaughter, I admire and have deep respect for her.

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Martin Pigge | 5 comments Dillon: Berlin based musician. Born in Brazil, stayed in Cologne and moved to Berlin . She plays piano and sings. Her kind of music is melancholic electronic dark slow music. When she sings on stage you can feel her emotions by yourself. I never had such a deep emotional experience on a performing artist.
Here is a YouTube link:

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I comment (Icomment) | 37 comments Megan wrote: "Esther - She gets her own book in the bible!" I admire Deborah. She governed Israel at the time of the judges. And she helped win the battle of Israel against Sisara.

Judges 4: 4-5

4 And Deborah, a prophetess, the wife of Lapidoth, she judged Israel at that time.

5 And she dwelt under the palm tree of Deborah between Ramah and Bethel in mount Ephraim: and the children of Israel came up to her for judgment.

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Émilie (janeemil) | 7 comments I have admired many women I have met. Here are just a few and the reasons why:

- My mother: She is strong and isn't scared to speak her mind.
- My sister: She may seem shy but she is her own person and isn't afraid to do her own thing, even when some people disagree.
- My aunt: She is starting a new career in education in her 40s because she wants to make a difference in people's lives.
- Emma Watson: I grew up watching her movies so seeing her doing everything she can to be a positive influence on this world is truly inspiring.
- My grade 12 math teacher: She LOVES math, and teaches the subject like no one else I've ever seen. She cares about her students and wants them to succeed. She juggles a job teaching, a job as a trainer, her life with her four kids and her marriage. She has shown me what hard work can get you.

As I said, these are just a few of the women who inspire me, because every woman has the power to inspire in their own way.

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Inês Santos (inessantos115) | 4 comments My grandmother was and still is a massive part of me. I wish I could be half the woman she was. Same for my mother.
And my best friend is more than that; she's my sister. I admire her strength and sadly we don't live in the same country anymore but she's always there for me.

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Aliena Jackson (alienajackson) Phoolan Devi- she survived so much and helped so many. It’s a miracle that she was able to go that far, especially considering her rough childhood. I’m so glad that she did. I hope she found some peace.

Neerja Bhanot- To sacrifice your life for strangers, you have to have been a loving person who believed in everyone. We didn’t deserve her.

Nellie Bly- To write about women’s rights, and the rights of people who weren’t even seen as people in the 1880s- that’s just incredible to me.

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Oscar | 21 comments My mom: She has a tough, no-nonsense attitude but also a wonderful sense of humor that has carried through many hardships. At the same time, she's very creative and imaginative.

My older sister: For her sense of humor, the way she cares about her loved ones and how much she protects them.

My younger sister: Her sense of humor, creativity, and intelligence.

My grandmother: Her enterprising spirit, her intelligence, the way she observes the life around her.

J.K. Rowling: For her perseverance, her imagination, and talent. For trying to make the world a better place.

Emma Watson: For taking her talent, intelligence, position and connections to make a better world.

Agnes Varda: A very funny and talented woman who saw the world with kindness and curiosity, all that was very well reflected in her films.

Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez: For not taking any BS and pushing forward policies that will be helpful for current and future generations.

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Sophie H | 9 comments Emma Watson:
Emma Watson is my role model. I admire how she took her platform from the fame and money she had, to talk about world issues. I think it’s important for everyone to set good examples for the world, but it’s especially important that celebrities do so. Celebrities are so prominent in many peoples lives and it’s refreshing to see people such as Emma Watson setting great examples. Emma Watson’s a great advocate, and she’s why I got into feminism and advocacy in the first place. She’s my inspiration, and I only hope to make as much impact on the world as she has.

Katherine Johnson:
I admire how Katherine Johnson took a stand for what she believe in. She’s not only a person of color, but she’s also a female. These two attributes didn’t always play in her favor, but she didn’t let these features deter her. She always had faith and confidence in her abilities no matter what others thought. Katherine Johnson fought for what she believe in and was persistent. I’m glad that she’s getting the recognition she deserves in Hollywood.

My Godmothers:
I have two godmothers that both inspire me greatly.

Godmother 1:
My first godmother played in roller derby, which was something I was introduced to at a very young age. Roller derby exposed me to the fact that women didn’t have to be jealous of each other and that they could work collectively together to be successful without a man. My godmother taught me that women can be independent, passionate, competitive, and stereotypically like feminine things. She taught me that women don’t conform to stereotypes, and that having certain qualities doesn’t make you any less of a female or any less of a human.

Godmother 2:
My second godmother taught be about lgbtq rights. She taught me that you can support things that don’t impact you negatively, and that you can advocate for issues that affect others. She’s been to many protests and loves to advocate. I only hope I can followed in her footsteps one day.

Greta Thunberg:
Greta Thunberg inspires me greatly. She showed me there is no age on activism, and how we all can make change. I’ve learned that there is always change you can make no matter how small, because of her.

All the activists out there:
All the activists out there,who are trying to make a positive change in the world, inspire me. I like to know I’m not alone, and all the activists remind me that others care about the issues I do. They always fuel my passion and inspire me in many ways.

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Pam | 1070 comments Mod
Valentina Tereshkova: for being written off as being expendable only to end up becoming such a powerhouse. I love that her "rags" to "riches" story wasn't because of an education or a specific unique talent that only the very rich could afford but because she was an adrenaline jock which landed her in a club only a handful of humans- ever to live/breathe - are in. And that she was able to move from that once in a lifetime encounter to creating this enduring legacy and political clout.

Zainah Anwar. In my previous career I worked at a interreligious non-profit. I had the privilege of working and talking with Nuns, Rabbis, Bishops, and Friends from many faith communities on a regular basis. To me, there is something very beautiful in a reflective, spiritual life dedicated to helping us silly monkeys be less silly. So once I discovered this marriage of both feminism with spirituality, I knew I was hooked.

Whina Cooper: New Zealand Activist: In her 80th year when, crippled with arthritis, she led 5,000 people on a 700-mile march from her Northland home to Parliament in Wellington, to highlight the fact that Europeans had seized all but 2.5 million acres of New Zealand's 66 million acres of land in 135 years of British colonization.

And our very own MeerderWorter. A tireless champion for the marginalized and unheard. She is made up of this amazing dichotomy of fierce advocacy and boundless compassion that belies the strength of her spirit. I stand in awe of what she has accomplished, what she knows, what she continues to push for even though she has no blood ties. She is simply incredible.

message 12: by Adam (new)

Adam | 1 comments I could list any number of women, but I have to say I admire Emma Watson so much I recorded a full-length album for her not too long ago. The idea was to release it on her birthday, but it got delayed by a few days so it's titled,

"Happy Belated: A Tribute to Emma Watson"


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Sofia (jo34) | 13 comments I admire a lot of women, but the principals are:

Emma Watson: she's my model, an actress who use her position to create a better world. Usually I like an actress not only for her performance in a film, but I get information always about the person, who he/she is, what is she/he doing today or what has she/he done in the past... I think celebrities could do a lot of things for the world because they are an example, an icon, and million of their fans follow them. And Emma Watson fully reflects this image.

Greta Thunberg: She has only sixteen years old and she has moved the world. Greta has concentrate on global warming (one of the biggest today problems) people's attention. Her determination, her strength are very admirable and who protest against Greta haven't the courage to admitt she's a fantastic person, better of them. We need more people like her.

My Aunt Marianna: She's a doctor, and she's chosen to work in Sud Sudan, in Africa, not in Italy. She's very brave because she lives in a poor, backward place, where there are wars continually, to be at the service of the others. She has renounced at the comfortable life that she could have had, to help people. I'm very proud to be her niece.

My mum: She has three daughters and a son (it's hard takes care of four sons!), her son (My brother) has had leukaemia, but she has never discouraged, in fact it made her stronger. So I admire her strength, incredible strength. Sometimes I think it's impossible break her.

I also admire all the women around the world who fight against injustice, to gender equality every day. Everyone can make a difference, not only stars, celebrities...but also, in fact mostly, common people.

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Neha Deshpande (deshpande_neha) | 13 comments Aliena wrote: "Phoolan Devi- she survived so much and helped so many. It’s a miracle that she was able to go that far, especially considering her rough childhood. I’m so glad that she did. I hope she found some p..."
It's wonderful to read these names mentioned in the women you admire and I totally agree with you. A lot of us do tend to take courage of women like them for granted. These women have been through really tough times but they were so strong and we are lucky to have them as inspirations, for us and the future generations!

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Neha Deshpande (deshpande_neha) | 13 comments Also, I admire every woman out there, who is fighting her own fight, every single day. Achieving her dreams, feeding and taking care of her family and taking care of every responsibility and much more. I admire the women who have the courage to speak their mind and do what they feel is right. It is difficult to handle so many things that a woman has to do everyday but they do it effortlessly. So, i cannot name a few but this to all the women out there!

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James Lyons | 3 comments My mother is always a safe answer....so many inspiring women throughout history.

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Colleen Chi-Girl (colleenchi-girlakacolleensnapped) | 40 comments My first shero is my strong, kind, optimistic, and loving mother. I will always be grateful for her great sense of style and sense of humor, her unending love, and her very kind, unconditional love. I lost my father at an early age and thankfully had my super cool, super loving, mother.

message 18: by Anu Priya (new)

Anu Priya Bharathi Rajan (aphoenixcry) | 4 comments My mom and my grandma are the two people whom I admire the most though they fight even now for their voice to be heard, they are some of the strongest people I have come across in my life.
Also, my sisters, for their continual voicing out the opinion of their own in this world.
That being said, I have to say I admire all those women out there, carving their own path making sure that their voice is heard. If not through their voice, through their actions even in the most conservated orthodox patriarchal society that continues even now.

message 19: by ALICIA (new)

ALICIA MOGOLLON (piamedea-sojourner-bliss) | 5 comments There are so many women I admire, I'll start with one of my favorite people… my son's grandmother, Mary Pacios. She has been such a wealth of support and inspiration for me since I met her over 25 years ago. I admire her for her strength and dedication to her ideals, her unmannered friendliness and I admire that she rarely minces her words. I can't help plugging her recent book here, I'd love to see it as a featured book here.

Memoir of an Unintentional Feminist

Pauline and Bonni Whitesinger are two amazing and strong Dineh women, who I met on Big Mountain, along with activist Swaneagle Fitzgerald, and who inspired me a great deal when I was a mostly clueless 17 year old.

Women I've never met but that I admire: Naomi Klein, Arundhati Roy, Barbara Eherenreich. Rebecca Solnit, Abby Martin, Dolores Huerta, Rachel Corrie, Nora Astorga, Karen Silkwood, Rosa Parks, Roxanne Meaddows, Linda Coffee, Sarah Weddington, Camille Claudel, Jade Beall, Molly Crabapple, Eartha kitt, Wilma Mankiller, Berta Caceres, Krishnammal Jagannathan, Severn Cullis-Suzuki, Marley Dias founder of the campaign #1000BlackGirlBooks, Khloe Thompson founder khloe kares, Sara Mora co-president of Youth Empower and more and more and more. I am sure I could keep going but this is very like pretentiously long enough as it is.

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ALICIA MOGOLLON (piamedea-sojourner-bliss) | 5 comments Neha wrote: "Aliena wrote: "Phoolan Devi- she survived so much and helped so many. It’s a miracle that she was able to go that far, especially considering her rough childhood. I’m so glad that she did. I hope s..."

ooh oh yes, Phoolan Devi thank you so much for mentioning her.

message 21: by Kelli (new)

Kelli | 2 comments There are so many great answers so far!! And many women I've never heard of which makes me really sad.

I would have to say my Mom inspires me, first and foremost. She's incredibly intelligent, compassionate and someone I aspire to be.

Celeste Barber- She's a popular Instagrammer and also wrote a memoir, "Challenge Accepted". She really focuses on loving yourself and not taking yourself too seriously in life and I think that's really important for women to remember these days.

Emma Watson- For many of the reasons listed above. She's extremely bright, goal-oriented, and an overall great role model.

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Rumell Khan (rkrespectedmember) Ashly Perez, Sara Ruben, Quinta and Ella. They are so funny on YouTube Buzzfeed Violet.

message 23: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 260 comments i've always admired joan of arc. she stuck to her beliefs, no matter what was being said about her, rallied her people, and died without ever giving in. a paragon of passion, strength, and courage from a very young age. she was my first, favorite woman of all time.

message 24: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca | 8 comments My female friendships. The patriarch wants women to be against each other, but we are so much more empowered when we support each other.

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Colleen Chi-Girl (colleenchi-girlakacolleensnapped) | 40 comments Sophie wrote: "Emma Watson:
Emma Watson is my role model. I admire how she took her platform from the fame and money she had, to talk about world issues. I think it’s important for everyone to set good examples ..."

So happy you had and realized you had so many amazing women!!

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Samantha (imbetterwithbooks) | 3 comments I love a lot of women. For one, I have loved and watched Emma Watson since I finished the Harry Potter series. I follow women activists like Malala.

It's amazing to step back and see how far women have made it. We used to be shoved away and told we aren't good enough, and look at who we are now.

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Deepika Booksy (deepamal) | 5 comments JK Rowling for the usual reasons.. Her perseverance and rags to riches story is an inspiration to anyone.. Whenever I'm low I just tell myself about what JK Rowling has been through and it always lifts me up
Another woman that I have come to admire recently is as IPS officer from Kerala, india who left to Saudi Arabia from India and didn't come back until she had nabbed a child rapist.. In a world where I often question the existence of humanity, her story gave me hope

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siobhan | 2 comments Marina Ambramovic

message 29: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Hillary Clinton for having a dream going after it.

Christiane Amanpour, my favorite reporter.

The Squad, for bravery in the face of tyranny. May they never back down.

My great grandmother who died when I was 12.

Malala, for her fearless fight for girls’ right to education.

message 30: by Bec (new)

Bec Sylvia Earle - Marine Biologist, Conservationist, Diver, Scientist, Environment Ambassador, Leader in Women in STEM, Explorer, Adventurer, a female leader in her field and an inspiration to young women and men everywhere!

message 31: by Mare (new)

Mare GB I dont admire famous people, they arent my idols. My idol can be only women, who had or has hard life but she always have straight to goes happy through life. Somelike like my granny. She always knows what She want, And has her I. She dont need other to help her, She never need help because She always belived that you can do whatever you want, you only must belive in your straight.

She is women, who does not remember her father because he was killed when she was baby. As a baby, She had lost her father in the Second World War, and as a woman and mother she lost her son, who gave his life for his homeland.

Yes, She is Queen. She is THE WOMEN. She always been here for me. She dont has lot of money but of you need She will give you everything. She lives for me, my sisters, my husband and her grandchild, my son.

message 32: by Gaëlle (new)

Gaëlle Rahier | 2 comments Oh, I do admire many (Emma Watson ofc, Greta Thunberg, Rosa Parks, Michelle Obama,...)
But the one I admire the most and that inspires me everyday will always be my mom !

message 33: by Michael (new)

Michael (watson-savre9) | 7 comments My four Beautiful sisters. Oh and 'Evve.'

message 34: by Juan (new)

Juan | 14 comments I admire Ivonne Ortega. She’s a politician in Mexico and when she decided to run for governor of Yucatán she was attacked in the election because she was a woman and she only had a high school education. But she was able to overcome those attacks and win the election even when she was in third place in the polls.
When she became governor she would go to night school to get her bachelors degree. Doing the job of governor, student and mom. Nothing stopped her.
Today she wants to lead the party. I believe she can take that party into the 21st century.

message 35: by Coleen (new)

Coleen (clngrc) | 1 comments My mama because she’s so brave, kind, loving and God-fearing. I am so glad I have her as my mama. ❤️

message 36: by Rachael (new)

Rachael Hanakowski (rachaelhanakowski) | 51 comments I admire anyone who has the courage to break out of any mental “cage” they find themselves in. Overcoming internal struggles are just as valuable as those obvious to the naked eye, but often garner less attention because of this very fact.

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I admire Emma Watson because she had the courage to tell things in front of a bunch of old perverts, those persons are like trump!
She is a model of bravery,of excellence and of kindness.
I love her so much!

I admire women like Megan Rapinoe, who fight for us, here in the US, for us to obtain more rights. I admire also any of the GBLT leaders who take actions in the entire country!

I admire Michelle Obama, and Alexandra Occasio-Cortez, and those women of influence!

I admire young UN ambassadors who find courage in foreign countries to raise their voices for feminism!

message 38: by Elise (new)

Elise | 22 comments I admire Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, and Emma Watson. They have a passion for helping others and fight for what is right.
People look up to celebrities, whether conscious or unconscious, and because of that they have great influence which they both 'use' in such an admirable way.
In Meghan's case, she's not necessarily admirable because she married Prince Harry, she is much more praiseworthy because of her humanitarian efforts (animal rescue, charity and women’s rights and equality) before she even met him.
Also, I admire Malala Yousafzai. She and Emma Watson were my inspiration to be an outspoken feminist.

message 39: by Peter (new)

Peter | 66 comments Anne Morrow Lindbergh (1906 - 2001)

When Anne Morrow graduated from Smith College in 1928, her professional aspiration was to be a writer. A few years later she married the world-famous aviator Charles Lindbergh, who had just made the first solo flight from New York to Paris. With no background in aviation, she quickly learned to fly and navigate, no small feat in the early 1930s. She would then fly with her husband as copilot, navigator and radio operator on survey flights to Asia, South America, West Africa, and the North Atlantic. Her first book, North to the Orient, recounts their first flight. For her efforts, Anne was the first women awarded the National Geographic Society's Hubbard Medal, regarded as the highest U.S. award for explorers. Later, when Charles was a proponent of isolationism during World War II, Anne would eventually distance herself from his anti-Semitic views.

In 1955 she wrote the best-selling Gifts from the Sea, reflections on life and values as an American women. In her own way, Anne was saying that she was more than a copilot and a wife. No doubt tame by today's standards, Gifts from the Sea gave that generation of American women permission to question their societal roles as women and wives.

What I admire most about Anne isn't her accomplishments in the hyper-masculine profession of aviation, but that she was able to find a way to remain true to herself and her craft as a writer and poet despite her fame and challenging marriage. Her writing and her personal example are her legacy.

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Farah Aden | 1 comments Edna Adan Ismail- I absolutely devoured her memoir which came out just a few days ago 'A Woman of Firsts'. Edna is an incredible woman who pioneered the fight against Female Genital Mutilation. She first spoke out about it almost 50 years ago, at a time when it was a subject no one spoke about. Edna is from a beautiful country unknown to most called Somaliland (not the same as Somalia). Through her memoir you get to know this country and experience its wonders, but also its shortcomings. Edna became the country's first qualified Nurse and Midwife. Later on in life she would work for the UN, marry the President, build a hospital after the genocide, and yet, she's just like any of us. As a nursing student, she would sneak out of her accommodation to go dancing at swing clubs with her friends in 1950s London where she studied on scholarship. She is a great lover of pets and had a pet cheetah in Somaliland. She really shows us that anyone can speak up against injustice and contribute to change. It just takes that one person to start the process. What an inspiration.

There are so many different landscapes and contexts that make this the most uplifting, inspiring, humbling, devastating and fun biography out there. From camels and goats in Somaliland, to 50s swing time London, to hospital night shifts, to the glitter and glamour of being First Lady, to war and imprisonment, this is a true story of resilience. I can't wait to re-live it all by listening to the audiobook! I'm going to get my signed copy this week!

message 41: by Robin (new)

Robin (z_rob) | 128 comments Emma on top of the list, then women like Malala, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, NK activist Yeonmi Park, Greta Thunberg, Rupi Kaur, and every girl/woman who has the courage to speak up against a situation/problem

message 42: by Kathi (new)

Kathi | 2 comments Yes, Robin, the Notorious RBG for sure. Long may she dissent!

message 43: by Diana (new)

Diana Fletcher (dicoach) | 1 comments Charlotte wrote: "I always admired my great-grandmother Zecilie. She had been born and lived at the Romanian Black Sea coast in a German settlement with her husband and her then nine children. However, near the end ..."

Charlotte, As I read your words about your great- grandmother I thought, "I want to read this book! What did she say the title was?" Then I remembered it was a real story. What a great book that would make and what a woman your great-grandmother was!

message 44: by Sabrina (new)

Sabrina Megale | 1 comments Of course Emma Watson, and after reading Butterfly by Yusra Mardini both Mardini sisters, Malala, Rosa Parks, Margaret Atwood and all the wemen that fought and are still fighting for all the problems that our society created during centuries.

message 45: by Sneha (new)

Sneha (lovegood19) I admire my mom because she is so kind and loving. I feel so lucky that she is my mother♥️
My grandmother who died while fighting cancer. She was very brave.
Emma Watson and Malala Yousafzai.

message 46: by Bailey (new)

Bailey Gibbons (bailsgibby) | 8 comments 1: my mother. She taught me everything I know. From how to love unconditionally, to fight like my life depends on it, to have faith, to go after my dreams, and to live with no regrets. Mom also taught me to love creatures of all walks of life, especially horses. She gave me my understanding of the earth, and how it too has life. She also taught me to read! If it weren’t for her love of books, I wouldn’t be here!
2: my grandma. She raised three kids on her own, survived an abusive relationship, survived sexual assault, and taught me about God. She loved me when I get no one else would. (Which wasn’t the case, but for my young mind, it helped.)
3: Emma Watson. Like many in this group, I grew up on Harry Potter, and Hermione was one of my favorites! But once I saw how Emma started to fight for women, I was truly inspired! I read articles she wrote, watched her speeches, and here I am reading in her book club.
4: Michelle Phan. Ever since YouTube came into my life, I remember watching Michelle’s videos. She taught me how to really chase down my dreams. Even when she took her hiatus, my admiration for her never ceased. Michelle came back stronger and more driven after others tried to take her down. She will forever be one of my role models!
5: Maya Angelou. I’ve only just discovered her influence. I wish I had read and followed her works years ago. I could have used the inspiration to really be anything or anyone I wanted to. Her will, power, and talents have left me in awe. When she passed, I know why people get her presence leave. She was a titan, and will always be one!

I have so many more, but these are the ones who stick out to me most!

message 47: by Peter (new)

Peter | 66 comments Myrna Loy (1905 - 1993)

Originally trained as a dancer, Myrna Loy's film career started in the 1920s, often being type-cast as a femme fatale. In 1934 she reached fame playing the character Nora Charles in the The Thin Man series of detective movies. Her character stood out to me as someone who had a sharp wit, spoke her mind, and stood unapologetically on her own two feet.

It would only be decades later that I would learn that such characteristics applied to Loy in real life, too. At a time when racial prejudice in casting was the norm, she brashly confronted studio executives about it. I'm going to take a wild guess that that wasn't something management was used to hearing from a leading lady back then.

During World War II, Loy interrupted her Hollywood career to serve as an assistant head of Red Cross activities in New York. She later put her Hollywood skills to use as a film advisor for UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). She was the first Hollywood actress to do so. She once said, "One little incident to battle prejudice, dropped into the middle of an entertaining film, is worth all the documentaries ever made." In the late 1940s, Loy risked joining other Hollywood figures in challenging the witch-hunting proceedings of the House Committee on Un-American Activities.

She spent her later years living in New York engaged in a variety of public-service activities. In 1991 she was given an Honorary Academy Award for lifetime achievement.

For me, today, Loy stands for valuing substance over appearance--despite working in an industry that's known more for the latter, particularly for women. She lived life on her own terms and with a persistent sense of public service. I'm writing this, in part, so she isn't forgotten.

message 48: by Charlotte (new)

Charlotte | 7 comments I wrote: "Who are the women you admire?"

I read books and listen to music from woman mostly.

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Rachel Shaffer | 1 comments Not a lot of people know about Hedy Lamarr. Her story is inspiring and I believe girls should have more idols that are in science and the stem fields. Women like Hedy prove women can be just as successful as men and contribute great things to society.

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Neha Deshpande (deshpande_neha) | 13 comments Rachel wrote: "Not a lot of people know about Hedy Lamarr. Her story is inspiring and I believe girls should have more idols that are in science and the stem fields. Women like Hedy prove women can be just as suc..."
Thank you for sharing. i just read about Hedy lamarr and i agree that she is inspiring. Women in science really should be more appreciated. In india, recently a movie was made called mission mangal based on ISRO's mars orbiter mission. The movie is an inspiration as the mission was led by women. But the sad point is, the industry still needs a male protagonist to lead the film for it to do good on the boxoffice.

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