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message 1: by John (new)

John | 10 comments I have read only the first TWILIGHT book. My seventeen year old daughter has read all of the books in the series.

I had an eighth grade student last year who read the series over and over.

If you have read the series, does it seem age appropriate for 8th graders? 6th graders?

My personal opinion is that an 8th grader can handle most of the content, but it might be a little meaty for a sixth or seventh grader.

I am interested in the opinions of others.

message 2: by Kristin (new)

Kristin (kristin_michelle) | 4 comments I just started at a middle school (1st job!) that is 5th-8th and the ENTIRE Twilight series was there, which gave me pause. I think (i've read all 4) that the 4th one is a little too meaty for the younger ones, but they want to read it anyways. I don't have any restrictions (because it was open when I came in already). I would prefer the younger ones didn't read all of them, but I let them because so many have read them all, even outside of school.

message 3: by Kate (new)

Kate (TennesseeKate) | 1 comments I have mixed feelings about this. As a teacher, my instinct is to say that the content (especially of the 4th book) is a bit too "meaty" for younger kids. However, they do love the books and getting kids to read is a challenge. The reality is that kids in middle school have probably been exposed to material far more descriptive than the Twilight books. I would make this a judgement call based on the maturity level of the students. Also, as a mom I have to say that I want to be aware of material of a somewhat sexual nature is available to my child in her school library. I expect it a high school level but not any earlier. That might be something to consider and discuss with your school administration/librarian.

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