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The Ninth Rain (The Winnowing Flame Trilogy, #1)
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imyril | 303 comments Mod
This year for Wyrd and Wonder we are running two semi-formal read-alongs - this is the second, starting on MAY 9TH and running each Thursday.

Our schedule:

THURSDAY 9th: Beginning through end of Ch10
THURSDAY 16th: Chapter 11 through end of Ch23
THURSDAY 23rd: Chapter 24 through end of Ch36
THURSDAY 30th: 37 to the end

We will aim to post questions here each Sunday ready for blog posts on Thursdays (we're less likely to run a co-ordinated Twitter chat midweek, but might post an open thread of questions for people to chip in on if there's demand for a less formal option.

Fancy joining in? Shout to let us know you're interested and we'll see you in May :)

PS You don't have to formally be signed up to Wyrd and Wonder to join in the read-along. If there's interest / excitement, the final book in this trilogy is published this May so I'm happy to organise further read-alongs to finish the series over the summer.

Annemieke / A Dance with Books (adancewithbooks) | 6 comments Yes I am joining in for this!

Lisa (deargeekplace) | 539 comments Mod

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Jason Aycock | 7 comments I’m interested in The Ninth Rain read along.

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Lauren (fictionalfox) | 1 comments I'll hopefully join in with this if I can finish my current read over the next few days, fingers crossed!

imyril | 303 comments Mod
I’ll host week one. If anyone would like to pick up question setting duties in later weeks, yell!

imyril | 303 comments Mod
Okay, adventurers! Buckled up? Swords slung? Something good to drink stashed in your pack? Then we're probably ready to enter the Wild to tackle Jen Williams' fantasy cross-over trilogy...

Yes, yes, I'm early with the questions - the schedule for answers / posts remains Thursday as advertised :) I will post the questions to Twitter on Thursday too for anyone else to pitch in if they wish to (but won't be around to moderate any subsequent chat I'm afraid).


I don't actually think there are any spoilers here, but it's a reread for me so I'm taking no chances and getting into good habits for future weeks. Prompts behind the cut...

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And of course feel free to share any other first impressions, wild assumptions or guesses about Where All This Is Going :D

imyril | 303 comments Mod
If you'd like to borrow my read-along banner, you are very welcome. You can download it here.

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Jason Aycock | 7 comments I may be a day or two late with my post this week. Life and whatnot. But I will say I’m enjoying the book so far! Thanks again for putting this together.

Sarah (dragonsandzombies) | 1 comments whoops, I'm a little late! just started right now & will catch up :)

imyril | 303 comments Mod
And mine! https://onemore.org/2019/05/09/the-ni...

I hope you’re all enjoying this even half as much as I’m enjoying my reread :)

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Lisa (deargeekplace) | 539 comments Mod
OK, here are the questions for Week 2 (sorry they're later than I'd intended!)

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imyril | 303 comments Mod
Another read-along post for week one from Sarah at Dragons and Zombies! https://dragonsandzombies.com/2019/05...

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Lisa (deargeekplace) | 539 comments Mod
Here's my Week 2 post! https://deargeekplace.com/the-ninth-r...

imyril | 303 comments Mod
My week 2: https://onemore.org/2019/05/16/the-ni...

(questions for week 3 to follow later today because ohmigosh I can't put this down)

imyril | 303 comments Mod

Ahem, questions for week 3 behind the spoiler tag because hell yes let's talk spoilers

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message 19: by Jason (new) - added it

Jason Aycock | 7 comments Here's my week two post. Better late than never!


imyril | 303 comments Mod

Week 2 from Sarah: https://dragonsandzombies.com/2019/05...

And Weeks 1 and 2 from Mayri: https://bookforager.wordpress.com/201...

I might have to zoom ahead and finish the book today once I've written up my week 3. I'm enjoying this WAY TOO MUCH :D

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Jason Aycock | 7 comments My week three post is up!


message 22: by Lisa (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lisa (deargeekplace) | 539 comments Mod
Aaaaah it's super last minute and I'm sorry, but here are the final week's questions!

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