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( preston high is a boys and girls and hermaphradite (lol soz had 2 add that!) high school. )
( i dunno if ppl will actually RP in this but its worth a shot. im not gnna start it, coz my stupid bros annoying me, but feel free!)

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(my bro just stopped)
MIA looks longingly at Rueben Everson aka the hottest guy in school (he's senior, shes freshman) ...(i damn! g2g!)

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Maegan (maekam) | 479 comments Mod
((wow. um i think i am in. my character is a girl. her name is Emily but people call her Em))

Em walked around the campus. "its a new year, time to make new friends." Emily said to her self.

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((shez new??, pretending she is..)
mia's greeted by all her geek friends and drama club. (shes in drama club and a geek)
she duznt know why, but she's quite depressed.
"whos that girl over there? i've never seen her before" she said to herself.
she walks over to her. "hey! are you new? my names mia, mia quiston" she says warmly

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Maegan (maekam) | 479 comments Mod
Emily looked up. her hair was covering her left eye. "hi i am Emily but people call me Em."

message 6: by Matt (new)

Matt (koo i wanna play k so im jake the quarter back of the football team and im at football practice waitin for practice to start now i need another guy to come on here so i can tlk to him or a cheer leader)

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Maegan (maekam) | 479 comments Mod
(( ok matt can my charcter have a crush on your character then))

message 8: by Matt (new)

Matt (sure and u gotta come to my games allright)

message 9: by Maegan (new)

Maegan (maekam) | 479 comments Mod
(( sure what ever. what is your character's name. or have you even created a charcter?))

message 10: by Matt (new)

Matt (i said i was jake the quarter bsck on the football team so what are u like cheerleader or what?)

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Maegan (maekam) | 479 comments Mod
(( my character's name is Emily. and no she isnt a cheerleader. She is just like normal teen age girl i guess.))

Emily was walking toward her locker. She put her books in their and then she closed it. when she turned around she accidentally bumped in to Jake the hotest Junior in the high school. She looked up at his face and her cheeks turned red. "oops. i am sorry" She smiled.

message 12: by Matt (new)

Matt "itz alright"he said "listen u wanna hang out like friday or somethin u pick the place" jake said akwardly

message 13: by Maegan (new)

Maegan (maekam) | 479 comments Mod
Emily smiled. Did she just hear what she thought she heard? did Jake just ask her out? "um... sure. i would like that. and i dont know any good places to go to so you can pick." Em smiled.

message 14: by Matt (new)

Matt ( i cant think of anywhere thats y i asked u!!)"ok uh how about we go see a movie or go bowling"

message 15: by Maegan (new)

Maegan (maekam) | 479 comments Mod
(( well i didnt know where either. lol.))

"sure. you can pick me up at 7 tonight. you can pick the movie though. i dont know any good ones." Em said

message 16: by Matt (new)

Matt "ok kool we can go see new moon my uncle is a co director and he has most of the movie but they still need to do some editing" jake walks away and whispers "score!!" to himself

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Maegan (maekam) | 479 comments Mod
(( ha. really? you must be obsessed with twilight.))

Em walked in the other direction. "wow!" She said to herself.

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Matt (i wish that was true)it skips to when ever 7 is cuz i cant wait

jake pulls up in emily's drive way in his new 2010 chevy comaro and walks in the door to be greeted by parents woopie emily walks down the stairs jake says "wow" loud enough for her parents to hear on accidently "um we need to go now if we are going to make it in time"

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Maegan (maekam) | 479 comments Mod
"um yea sure ok.lets go." Em walked out side. she looked at his car. "wow. nice car."

message 20: by Matt (new)

Matt "i know my dad bought it for me yesterday" "hey u wanna go to my appartment in sted of the movie?"

message 21: by Maegan (new)

Maegan (maekam) | 479 comments Mod
"sure.lets go." Em got into his car and he drove to his appartment.

message 22: by Matt (new)

Matt "you gotta a nice house" jake said trying to satrt coversation

message 23: by Maegan (new)

Maegan (maekam) | 479 comments Mod
"thanks." they pulled into hi sdrive way of his appartment.and so do you." Em said. They went inside. "so where is your room?"

message 24: by Matt (new)

Matt "i have the whole floor to myself and my parents are out of town on vacation so we have the whole apartment to do whatever u please"

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Maegan (maekam) | 479 comments Mod
"ok... i think i have an pretty good idea of what we can do." Em wrapped her arms around his neck and began to kiss him.

message 26: by Matt (new)

Matt "jake pulled away and said whoa girl u move fast"
"this is gonna be a fun date" he kissed her back

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Maegan (maekam) | 479 comments Mod
"well you know me... "Em laughed. She kissed him back and broke away from his lips. "but thats not what i was talking about. i was going to say we could play your wii. but if you want, this is fine with me to."Emily replied

message 28: by Matt (new)

Matt "ok?"

message 29: by Maegan (new)

Maegan (maekam) | 479 comments Mod
Em wrapped her arms around his neck. she kissed him again.

((this is kinda weird because i know who is playing the character. and it is hard for me to picture my character whom i play kissing your character whom yo play. its weird))

message 30: by Matt (new)

Matt (i no what u mean)

jake kissed back

message 31: by Maegan (new)

Maegan (maekam) | 479 comments Mod
Em pulled back from his lips. "would you like to show me your room, just in case this gets dirty." she smiled. "no i am just kidding about the getting dirty part, but i would like to see your room."

message 32: by Matt (new)

Matt "ok sure" "and we could play my wii"

message 33: by Maegan (new)

Maegan (maekam) | 479 comments Mod
Em took his hand and he led her to his room."this is cool." Em shut the door. "we can play the wii later. right now we can...." Em wrapped her arms around his neck. she kissed his lips.

message 34: by Matt (new)

Matt best date ever
jake kissed back

message 35: by Maegan (new)

Maegan (maekam) | 479 comments Mod
Em kissed him harder. shemoved onto the bed. she continued kissing him

message 36: by Matt (new)

Matt and he kissed back again

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((oh shoot, what the hell do i do now!))

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((next morning))
mia sees rueben next to her locker, with his new girlfriend Sarsha (that slut!) they were like... having an argument.'wow' mia tthought, sarsha and rueben had been going out for about 5 months.

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she remembered when Jake ( i hope thats ok btw) and her used to go out. word in school was that jake- major Junior hottie! asked emily out. she was real happy for em but was wondering why she didnt tell her. 'i wonder if the rumours are true' she thought to herself.

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Josh walked the halls, flashing a smile at every girl he knew, sometimes stopping to talk to the girls that were cute.

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mia sees josh. 'UGH she thinks. "i hate thath guy, hes so up himself. Stupid jock!!!!" she thought

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((*rolls eyes* is rueben even a charrie?))

message 43: by [deleted user] (new)

((not yet!!!))

message 44: by [deleted user] (new)

((someone will be him tho...))

message 45: by [deleted user] (new)

((lol, right...))

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mia drops her books "oh sh..." the says as she bends down to pick them up. but someone was already picking them up, she looked up.... "Josh?" she asked surprised.

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"Hi Mia," he said, handing her the books, "Here you go," he said, smiling slightly at her.

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'why the hell is he acting friendly to me!' she thought. "Thanks!" she stammered as she took the books from his hands.... she looked at his arms. 'wow! muscles!' she thought. and then she looked into his eyes. 'oh my god they're so blue' she thought

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((is it just an american thing that everyone plays football lol?))

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"You're welcome. Why are you so surprised?" he asked. It's not like I'm a jerk or something. Just because I'm a jock, doesn't mean I'm like them he thought, handing her the last book.

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