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Zunpip | 105 comments Anya ran though the trees, being chased. Baka humans!! she thought just because some one has pointed ears does not mean that their an elf!... well okay I am... wait why am I running so slow? she instantly ran faster, wincing a bit as she stepped in to a stream, getting damp, she hated being damp Anya made it to a town and slipped in to the back entrance of a near by inn.

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Zunpip | 105 comments Anya grimaced as she hid behind a shelf of course there are humans here, how dumb of me to come in here...

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Zunpip | 105 comments Anya sighed to her self there is just one....

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Zunpip | 105 comments ((EllO??))

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Tarah's hands hurt. She was forced to do such monotonous tasks these days. I have probably been perfecting this dagger for hours, she thought.

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