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Tahtipolya Balto had a tough past

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Tahtipolya add your story 2
i make a new chapter every day

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Tahtipolya baltos story:

chapter 1-a tough beggining

Balto was a young pup when his mother abbandoned him.He was 8 weeks old.Luckly he was very clever.He lived in Alaska at the time traviling towrads Canada.He was growing quick he could hunt.He could battle.he could avoid predetors such as hunters.One day a full grown wolf saw Balto in his territory "your in my territory!"the wolf snarled.Balto was crnered by a mountion corner the wolf came charging Balto doged it the wolf banged his head on the mountion a bunch of rocks came tumbling down.That was the end of the wolf.

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Tahtipolya Chapter 2-Snow snow and more snow!

*shiver shiver shiver*Balto wondered why he was so cold.When he walked outside he saw some white stuff falling from the sky and ond the ground then it came to him."The cold white is here"Balto knew this was very bad.'no-no-no this cant be happing!I cant hunt with the cold white and flat faces with death pelats will find me to easily!"Balto exclaimed.He jumped from rock to rock until he reached a small stream its current was very fast.Balto jumped in and swam and swam for many hours trying to cross.When he finnally reached the other side he colapsed.

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Tahtipolya Chapter 3-Huh?

Balto awoke"huh?What happned?Oh I remember"Balto said he was happy to be out of the river.The current weakened.Balto stomach rumbled"i think ill go hunting"Balto thought.He put his nose to the ground."Mmm!I smell a racoon!"Balto said happily.He stalked it for awhile then pounced on it...He quickly killed it.He ate the racoon.When he finished he smelt somthing else..."oh-no FLAT FACES with..."he took another wif"DEATH PELLETS!!!"

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Tahtipolya Chapther 3-the hunters

The hunters spotted Balto.He froze.He was so close to Canada he didnt want to die now!He felt life coming back to him.He ran and ran,but when he stooped to take a break he could still smell flat faces!He saw a sign that read"Welcome to Canada"He was finnally there!The hunters saw him again.

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Tahtipolya Chapter 4-The chase is still on!

Balto ran and ran and ran but he could still hear the hunters calls"Come on!He went this way!"Balto saw another sign it said"Canada Nature Reserve!"under that it said"NO HUNTING"Yes!Freedom thought Balto.Balto ran into the nature reserve.Balto could rest in peace and not worry about hunters"Finnally"Sighed Balto.Balto found a cave we rest easily...Z...Z....Z...Z

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Dusty (mrsbieber) nice

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Tahtipolya im not finishing his story srry

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