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okay so we have covered who is team Edward and team Jacob or team Switzerand but why are you whatever team you are?
what makes you love that character so much?
what do they have that the other doesn't have?

message 2: by Catie (new)

Catie I love both my mythical creatures. I love Edward becouse he is so romantic and would do anything for Bella. He litterly faces himself with a something that almost no one could resist! He is just so amazing. Even when he left he thought it was the best for her. He knew he would always love Bella but her did it for her.
Now Jacob. He picked up those peices when Edward tore Bella apart. He alwaqys trys to get Bella even though he knows that she loves the leech like nothing ever before. He still tries to protect her and he just cares even though he watches everyday her love someone else.
I couldn't choose. So I will be divided between teritorial disputes between mythical creatures. I am Switerland.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

i think you have really good points!
i love Edward because he cares for Bella, i mean everything he does is for her! like you said when he left it was for her! also he is so selfless! its all about Bella or his family or anyone! and he is stunning hehe
even though i'm team Edward, jacob was there when Edward left and he helped Bella! and even though Bella loves Edward more than anything she loves Jake like family and even though he tries to be with her, i think he knows deep down that Edward is who she really wants to be with! and obviously if Bella was really for him he would have imprinted on her not Renesme! i think i'm team Edward cos he only wants whats best for Bella, like he says that he wouldn't mind if she wanted Jacob as long as she was happy!!

message 4: by Emma (new)

Emma Bottom (emmabottom) | 60 comments well i am team swtiz cause i really like both.... edward because he loves bella and cares about her but jacob loves bella and will always protect her kinda like edward. i just think that both of the guys are great!! just bella is the problem...

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Mrs. Emmy Cullen (Have No Idea Which One) wrote: "just bella is the problem..."

I know, right?

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

totally! Bella annoys me! but not as much as Renesme!

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Agreed. Renesmee is too perfect, everyone just ends up loving her. Which makes make not love her.

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yeah! its like from the second everyone saw her they loved her! i was oh my gosh! she is just a baby! lol

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She is too flawless. It makes her too perfect and boring.

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