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The Umbrella Academy

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message 1: by Nick (new)

Nick | 39 comments With the Netflix premiere right around the corner (February 15th in the US...not sure if it's a global premiere), a current sale on Comixology, and a currently ongoing arc for the first time in a decade, I'm curious to hear what those of you who have read some/all of Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba's series think about it.

I'm considering picking it up, and figured I'd see what the IRCB Goodreads community thought of it. Of course, those in the same boat as me, or who have thoughts about the trailer or anything related should feel free to chime in too.

I've enjoyed Way's contributions to the Young Animal imprint at DC, if that helps.

message 2: by Erin (new)

Erin (erinspapercut) | 51 comments I thought the comic was just ok (I only read Vol. 1, not the full series) - it was all a little cliche and I didn't really find myself caring about any of the characters. I may or may not read Vol. 2 just to finish the series, not sure yet!

With that being said, I'm excited to watch the Netflix show. The trailer alone has been more engaging than the entire comic was, and with such a great cast I'm sure it will be entertaining!

message 3: by Chad (new)

Chad | 193 comments I remember liking the comic and Gerard Way's writing in general. It was like a weird version of the X-Men if I remember correctly. I read it over 10 years ago. I like what Way has done with Doom Patrol. It feels like an extension of Morrison's run.

I had no idea though that Umbrella Academy was getting a TV show. I'll check it out.

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