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message 1: by Jacob Black (new)

Jacob Black | 3 comments Mod
Anybody have any good werewolf books to recomend i just finished a pretty good book called runemarks and i need a new book to read. I am looking more for werewolf books but anybook would be okay, thanks guys, i will try to update this group every week, thanks guys.

message 2: by Eva (new)

Eva Gordon | 1 comments I'm the author of Werewolf Sanctuary and Beast Warrior:Viking Werewolf in my Wolf Maiden Chronicles series. Epic adventure, compelling stories and werewolf love. Book 1 is a contemporary that leads to what I call werewolfhistoricals. Book 3 is due out in the fall and book 4 late winter. Visit my website and blog (I interview a famous werewolf on each full moon)
http://www.ravenauthor.com and http://evagordon.blogspot.com/

message 3: by Leah (new)

Leah  | 2 comments I finished "Blood and Chocolate" a few weeks ago. It's kinda weird but still pretty good. (and yes it's about werewolves)

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