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message 1: by Emma (last edited Aug 30, 2009 09:56AM) (new)

Emma (emmascout) On November, 15, 2008-I made this group.
On November, 15, 2009-It will have been a year!

I'm so happy where this group has gone! I mean-a year. Do you know how long it took me to get this group active, or at least to have more than 5 people? It took at least four-five months! So here I would like to say:

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE! :) You made this group possible!

message 2: by Meredith (new)

Meredith Your welcome!!!!! Thank YOU for making this wonderful group =]

message 3: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmascout) :) Thanks!

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)


message 5: by Katie (new)

Katie Thats kool!

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

This is great!

message 7: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmascout) I know! Emma is very happy with the progress! :D

message 8: by Meredith (new)

Meredith She should be, cause this group has made a bunch of progress since I was like the third member =]

message 9: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmascout) Oh yeah..I remember that, it was you me and Kellen, who's still in the group-I think-but she's just not that active...SOOOO Kellen if you're reading this-THANK YOU! :)

message 10: by Meredith (new)

Meredith Yeah and Meagan!!!! I think...

message 11: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmascout) Yeah she quit the group because she wanted to make one of her own. And then she got kicked out of her own group. She should've just stayed, she would have been a moderator here if she did. I invited her to, and then she was like "Okay" but then she left.

message 12: by Meredith (new)

Meredith Why was she kicked out of her own group, and why? Did another mod do it? Well, that must be frustrating!

message 13: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmascout) Yeah I think so, they had an argument about mods and then she quit. I don't think she got kicked out.

message 14: by Meredith (new)

Meredith Oh, well that's sad. I wonder why she didn't stay in our group?

message 15: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmascout) She said she wanted her own group. So I just deleted that conversation we had. I didn't need everyone to see that.

message 16: by Meredith (new)

Meredith Yeah, cause she obviously was very active and then just faded away.

message 17: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmascout) Yeah, a few of her comments are still here I think.

message 18: by Meredith (new)

Meredith Yes, probably on the really old time ones =] I'm SO proud of this group!

message 19: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmascout) :) Me too!

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

So am I!

message 21: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmascout) :D All so very proud!!

message 22: by Meredith (new)

Meredith Definitely. I never knew that the tiny little group I joined so long ago would be so big =]

message 23: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmascout) I seems like yesterday I would sign on, and I was still the only person..*sigh*

I don't miss those days.

message 24: by Meredith (new)

Meredith Hahaha. I know. And I couldn't help you get it started cause I hardly knew that the Gosselins (sp? Hey it's late!) existed!

message 25: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmascout) Ahaha..yeah.

message 26: by Meredith (new)

Meredith Sad memories going through the mind? :(

message 27: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmascout) Eh...not really.

message 28: by Meredith (new)

Meredith Haha I told you I was random

message 29: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmascout) Well I told you I was super random! :D

message 30: by Meredith (new)

Meredith We both warned each other and I have found it was necessary. If we didn't, we might have been scared =]

message 31: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmascout) Lol..yeah :D

message 32: by Meredith (last edited Sep 04, 2009 10:10AM) (new)

Meredith =] lollipop.

message 33: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmascout) lol! ;P

message 34: by Meredith (new)

Meredith Hahaha :)

message 35: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmascout) :D

message 36: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmascout) I say, we throw like an Online party, with of balloons, and cake and stuffs.

message 37: by [deleted user] (new)

So do I!

message 38: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmascout) Yess...

We must...

message 39: by [deleted user] (new)

Im just mad at how the whole marrige turned out though.

message 40: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmascout) I have to say, I'm mad about it, but now I don't really care. It's really just the magazines fault, and even if Jon DID cheat, I still don't really care.

It's over and done with, we just have to live with it.

message 41: by [deleted user] (new)


message 42: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmascout) The only thing I hope for, is friendship between them.

message 43: by [deleted user] (new)

Ya but i do care if he cheated because that would trully hurt kate and I love kate she rocks

message 44: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmascout) I do feel bad for Kate, but I think she's dealing very well with everything. She's staying strong.

message 45: by Meredith (new)

Meredith Yes, she really is doing well. At least it seems to me....

message 46: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmascout) Yeah, she doesn't like doing it alone, and she doesn't like leaving, but she's dealing well with it.

And Jon doing just fine. If you know what I mean.. T_T

message 47: by Meredith (new)

Meredith Ughhh. But, maybe he isn't doing well and is trying to keep busy just to forget about it. Which wouldn't be a good idea.

message 48: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmascout) I saw a magazine today, apparently Hailey(whom Jon has broken up with) got a boob job-for him.

It's obvious she only wants him for his money and his fame.

message 49: by Katie (new)

Katie Ew!!!

message 50: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmascout) I know ...

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