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Query abandoned by poster > ABANDONED. YA, Girl discovers she's a witch but may be bait for her father

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message 1: by LaTrica (new)

LaTrica I don't remember a lot of details but there was a teenage living with some other women (relatives?) who are witches. She discovers she's a witch, a good one, and works with them. Then at the end it turns out they may have just been attempting to convince her father to help them. There's also a boy involved but I don't remember his role.

message 2: by The Flooze (new)

The Flooze (the_flooze) | 57 comments Do you have a guesstimate of how long ago you read it?

Jackie "the Librarian" | 219 comments Maybe Jinx by Meg Cabot?

message 4: by LaTrica (last edited Aug 23, 2009 04:23PM) (new)

LaTrica Early to mid 90s. Jinx doesn't sound familiar. I don't remember another young woman in the book.

message 5: by LaTrica (new)

LaTrica Still looking. There was another scene after her father arrives to help save the day. Our heroine suffers an abrupt lack of confidence and sinks into a dark pit (literally). Her father and the other witches have to convince her out of it.

I read a lot of paranormal YA books at this time and hope I'm not getting them all mixed together.

message 6: by Mir (new)

Mir | 704 comments The Initiation (well, later in the series)?

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Lobstergirl | 38242 comments Mod
LaTrica, are you still looking for this book? Was it "The Initiation"?

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Lobstergirl | 38242 comments Mod
No response, moving to Abandoned.

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