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Joan's loyalty to Lake Naivasha

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Ashley What do you think about Joan's unwavering hope that Alan would someday return to her and their home in Lake Naivasha? Do you think this caused her to forge alliances with people (Chuge) that she likely knew would betray her in order to keep her beloved home for the ultimate day in which Alan would finally come "home?" I just can't wrap my head around the face that this gracious, intelligent, brave woman woman stayed in a place the grew more and more dangerous by the day.

IreneS I think the author used the relationship with Alan as an 'angle' for the story. Kenya was this woman's home, and she had fierce ties to Naivasha (which is a beautiful place, fwiw). I think she stayed because she loved the nature and the land... not because she was waiting for Alan.

Remember, Seal never actually spoke with Joan Root, everything he learned was through interviews and letters.. and most of the background information came from Alan Root.

Cynthia Kane Have you seen Henry Singers's new documentary, THe Blood of the Rose? THoughts?

IreneS Cynthia wrote: "Have you seen Henry Singers's new documentary, THe Blood of the Rose? THoughts?"

can it be viewed online somewhere? link?

Tanur Remember that she was atleast a second generation brit in kenya. Very often these people could not be repatriated because they did not fit back in. Kenya was Joans home!

Although i find that her expectations of alan returning were out of place especially that his loyalty had always waivered. It is very clear that she suffered from lonliness.

Brave woman but another lost cause like so many in Africa.

Angela I really enjoyed reading this book. But such a tragic end to a life that was so dedicated to the cause - and to a husband who seemed to have no trouble leaving her behind and moving on. Joan, along with others, have given their lives to protect what they believe in whether it is the land, the environment, or the animals, just to name a few.

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