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((start here fa-shiz))

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James closed his eyes and pushed back the tears that were threatening to pour. "This sucks..." He took a step to the edge of the building, about to step off to his death.

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Arianne stepped out into the city streets. She was hunting, she had on her predator's outfit on. Short black dress with a pantyhose and highheels. she always had to look good.
SHe spotted a man, he was young and his blood sang out to her.
"It's showtime," she mumumured to herself, She licked her lips.
SHe walked up to him...

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James opened his eyes and screeched with shock, "You're..... you're flying!" He lost his balance and fell.

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Arianne walked up to the human;
"Hello"she mumumered into his ear.
"DO you want to know a secret?" she asked.
The human staggered back, shocked by her quiet approach.
"well, okay..." he answered
"i'll tell you if you come with me," she grabbed his arm and guided him away...

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"Come" she whispered
Arianne stopped when she reached an alley. SHe looked to see if anyone was around...
" you will feel great pleasure and comfort if you let me feed off you voluntary"
She bent down and feed off the man...

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James wriggled in the grip of the vampire, "Let me go!" He shouted, afraid of the flying being before him.

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((geez, calm down Kaitlyn, I'm here))

James stumbled backwards in suprise, "How... how are you flying?"

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James shrugged, he didn't have anyone to tell anyway, "What is it?"

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James stared at her in shock, "V... v... v..."

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James stared at her wide-eyed, to think that just moments before he was about to end his life. "A... real vampire?" He gasped.

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James smiled, "Can I see your fangs?!!"

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((watch out, fangirlism moment))

James took a step to her and touched one of them with his finger, then jumped slightly, suprised. "They're so strong..."

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((you never heard of fangirlism?))

"Well I guess if they have to... rip through flesh..." James gulped at the thought of it.

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((yes... it's in my dictionary, the dictionary of Madison... look it up sometime, you can also find Twi-hate and Butt-Nugget))

James smiled, "Good.... good..."

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((huh? healktheri?))

James nodded, then looked at her smiling softly, "Why'd you save me?"

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((sorry, I spaced from life... playing GOW))

"But who are you to determine when it's someones time to die?" He asked, growing hot wwith anger, "When you're the one that takes lives before they are meant to be taken!"

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"Animals have lives too you know!"

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"But they have to endure the pain of sharp fangs going through their skin and ripping open their flesh!" James retorted.

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James took a step to her, so they were face to face, and growled at her.

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James grabbed her and planted a kiss squarely on her lips.

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((betcha didn't see that coming))

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Jess (ju5t4n3rd) ((he he!))

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((bye Kaitlyn, hi Jessica))

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Jess (ju5t4n3rd) ((hi! im bored...))

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Jess (ju5t4n3rd) ((hello?))

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((me too))

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He shrugged.

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"Please don't leave."

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"You were yelling too."

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D. Soul (aka_kit_kat_13) | 1003 comments ((Can I jump in?))

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((of course!))

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D. Soul (aka_kit_kat_13) | 1003 comments ((^^ Ty))
Minora laughed happly as she walked away from her home. Her eyes narrowed as she saw 2 figures in the distance.

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"Fine..." He moved to the fire escape and walked down to the bottom floor of the building; then outside and ran, colliding head on with a girl. "I'm so sorry!" ((that's you Luna))

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D. Soul (aka_kit_kat_13) | 1003 comments She was a tad shaken but said calmly "it's ok"

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James noticed her shaking, "Did I hurt you?" he asked, looking her up and down for bruises or cuts, "Why are you shaking? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." He concluded seeing no injury.

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D. Soul (aka_kit_kat_13) | 1003 comments "No no I'm fine.. I um... I just thougt you were someone else is all" She tried to see him closer. "I'm Minora."

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He looked at her closely, sticking his eyes close to her mouth, "Smile for me again..." he said, in search for more fangs.

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D. Soul (aka_kit_kat_13) | 1003 comments "I'd rather not" backing away a little. "are you ok?"

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James smiled, "Yeah... why won't you show me your teeth? Is it because you have fangs you're hiding?"

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D. Soul (aka_kit_kat_13) | 1003 comments "Hiding? Why would I hide something like that?" she was worried now. What if they sent him? She though as she started edging away.

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((who? hunters? do you need me to make hunters to be after you?))

"Are you okay? You seam really nervous... did I say something wrong? ... I'm sorry, I just... Forgive me?"

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D. Soul (aka_kit_kat_13) | 1003 comments ((Im running away from home but I didn't expect to bumb into u xP. Anyway I dont no what I am yet, I'll be a vampire though.))

"Forgivin but Who are you?" She started walking away from the house, hoping he would follow.

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"I'm James." He walked after her, "WHy are you walking away from me?"

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D. Soul (aka_kit_kat_13) | 1003 comments "Not from you!" she hissed quietly "From home" she nodded behind her and glanced around. "What are you doing out so late anyway?"

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James bit his lower lip, not wanting to answer that, "Why from the house? Are you running away or something?"

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D. Soul (aka_kit_kat_13) | 1003 comments Minora noticed the hesitation and looked at him sharply. "Yes it's no home to me anymore. What about you? Unless you really don't want to say and all i mean I ..." She wanted company so why was she pushing him away?

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James hated this, two girls snapping on him in only ten minutes time. "Sorry..." He turned around and started to walk away.

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D. Soul (aka_kit_kat_13) | 1003 comments "Wait!" she ran over to him. "Please, can you come with me?" she was really scared now, why did she care? She shook her head "Im sorry I... I just want to leave."

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"So do I... but in a different way..."

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