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message 1: by Wen (new)

Wen (thespoilingone) | 140 comments I got this movie and I enjoyed it. I was wondering if anyone else had seen it???
There are, as usual, historical mistakes here and there and of course some stuff glossed over/omitted, could be for times sake, since the 2 disk movie does cover ALL his wives.
Ray Winstone plays Henry and I really liked him in the part. Much better than Eric Bana in TOBG (despite really liking Eric Bana) Winstone had that ability when being agry to give that look of he was gonna beat them to a pulp and possible order a feast and party directly afterwards.
Helena Bonhan Carter is Anne B. Many of the other charcters looked familiar but cant really place them.

message 2: by Colleen, Mod #3 (new)

Colleen (nightoleander) | 1106 comments haven't heard of this one but I will go look it up. I wasn't aware that HBC was in two Tudor themed movies. See, these discoveries are exactly one of the reasons I love this group.

message 3: by Wen (new)

Wen (thespoilingone) | 140 comments Well I accidentally found this one when I was looking for Lady Jane. The back of the case has a HBO stamp so am assuming it was originally on HBO maybe? It was pretty good.

message 4: by Robin (new)

Robin | 100 comments I have seen this one and I really like it as well. I do think Ray Winstone makes a wonderful Henry (much better than the two recent Henrys, though like you I do like Eric Bana).

message 5: by Jennifer, Mod #5 (new)

Jennifer (jennifertudor) | 951 comments Haven't seen this one either but will have to find it. Thanks Wen!

message 6: by Wen (new)

Wen (thespoilingone) | 140 comments Well I have to say it must have been good cause my son even liked it and said Ray Winstone made a good Henry and he is not even intereste in the Tudors. Giggle

OH and with this movie and the Lady Jane movie got a 3rd (all off half.com brand new for less than the cost of 1 new movie by the way). The 3rd movie is called Luther. Is is about Martin Luther. And it was great. Not a Tudor movie but since he got the reform ball rolling is a sorta Pre Tudor deal. Anyhow if the religious reform during the Tudor era is an interest point this movie is worth checking out too.

message 7: by Jennifer, Mod #5 (new)

Jennifer (jennifertudor) | 951 comments Thanks Wen!

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