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Jessie Stardust (stardustlegacy) | 56 comments Mod
Welcome to the second reading for our group!

This week we are reading Book 1, Ch. 6-7

We will be looking at this reading through the theme of Friendship. What do we learn about friendship from this section? What does Harry learn? How important is it to the author?
You may of course discuss anything else related to this section including other themes of observations here as well (remember the spoilers policy :D)
Also this week we are getting sorted into our Hogwarts Houses! There is a thread just for that, so check it out here

The livestream meeting for this section is Jan 13 at 9pm EST

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Jessie Stardust (stardustlegacy) | 56 comments Mod
Friendship seems really important in this story. Harry Potter never had any friends until he meets the Weasley boys at Kings Cross and he bonds immediately with Ron. You can tell that this will be a important friendship for both of them. I think the author is telling us that you can achieve more with friends than on your own.

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Juliet | 5 comments I agree that the friendship is important for both of them. Ron is the youngest son in a large family. His friendship with Harry will give him something besides the role of being the kid brother.

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Jim DeLizzio | 8 comments Mod
I don't think you can discuss friendship without looking at the opposite. Which would be rivalries. Harry has an initial encounter with Draco in Diagon Alley and then encounters him again on the train. On the train Harry's loyalty to his new friend show when he spurns Draco and thus creates a rival.

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LadyDaney (goodreadscomlady_daney) | 7 comments I agree, Jim. I think the counter to friendships stands out too, and also how some prejudices and experiences can determine some friendships. For instance, Ron's and Draco's rivalry is rooted in their father's prejudices or what is known about their family's name. Draco's father has spoken of the Weasley's and their lack of money and surplus of children (read love :D ), and apparently by Ron's cough he has heard of the Malfoy's as well. Harry maintains his own choices free from such bias... sort of. As Jim noted, we met Dracon in Madame Malkin's shop. As Draco talks to Harry, "Harry was strongly reminded of Dudley". He knows from experience that he does not want that type of friend. Instead, he finds someone he connects with, someone he has compassion for and who has compassion for him.
I believe it actually starts with Molly (another Parental role model). Like any mother, she guides her sons on befriending Harry in a considerate way after showing him motherly kindness in the train station. Although Ron forgets some of his mother's advice, Harry knows he can trust Ron because of how Molly treated him and her consideration of him. He knows that Ron is only curious and not intending to use him or harm him. So, yes a trustworthy friend he finds. Maybe partially due to the lack of an adult over him telling him who's who, but instead using his own experience and judgement to make those choices.

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Gem (texasgemini) | 13 comments I'm not sure what I can add to this. I agree with all of the above.

As the story moves into the castle I think it's good to point out that Hagrid made a point to say hello to Harry, calling him by name. I also love how the kids at the table are open and talking, telling their backgrounds without judgment or bias. Everyone is accepting of everyone pretty much.

A_ bookbound _soul (a_bookbound_soul) | 17 comments I agree. Everyone is welcomed to their respective houses with cheers and claps. Each of 'em is welcomed in the family. And yeah Dumbledore's welcome speech is real cheering . And God! who wouldn't wanna enjoy aHogwarts feast!!!

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Jessie Stardust (stardustlegacy) | 56 comments Mod
Great points all around. And definitely sign me up for dinner at Hogwarts, Grace!
Harry is making important choices about friends here.
Speaking of choice, I see that as a major theme in the reading as well. Choosing friends, to a large extent choosing his House even. The role of free will is really highlighted in his interactions with Malfoy and with the Sorting Hat.

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Jessie Stardust (stardustlegacy) | 56 comments Mod
Link to this week's short article on the reading from our website, if anyone is interested.

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