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message 1: by Jenn (new)

Jenn Flores | 4 comments I haven't gotten to the full transcripts with RA yet but I've read a few from Hatonn and I'm really intrigued. Anyone else wanna discuss up to this point?

message 2: by Kate (new)

Kate Buckley | 5 comments Mod
Hi, everyone! I haven’t forgotten about you! Just been super busy and have an event this weekend but will get back to this early next week. I don’t know if we came to a decision on whether we want to discuss the book as we go along or wait until everyone has finished. What do you guys think?

message 3: by Cat (new)

Cat Hopkins | 2 comments My vote is discuss as we go along!

message 4: by Abbie (new)

Abbie Branch-Grover (burning_the_hive) | 5 comments I like the idea of discussing as we go—that way it’s still somewhat fresh when we discuss it.

I read some of the Hatonn transcripts last night and I thought it was really interesting as well. It definitely makes sense to use the tool of meditation to see beyond the ‘illusion’ and get back in touch with what this incarnation is all about.

It kind of serves as a reminder to not take the day-to-day bullshit like work, politics, and general drama so seriously.

message 5: by Petra (new)

Petra Vojnić (petravojnic) | 2 comments I'm on page 31 so far. The Hatonn excerpts are quite simple yet incredibly powerful messages. I have been practicing TM since January '17 and it is exactly as they describe (specifically their past paragraph on page 29): the desire for awareness of the Higher Self grows slowly then exponentially once your desires are established through daily meditation, or prayer, if you prefer that word. It's amazing the difference you FEEL and the things you begin to just KNOW once you have acknowledged your desire to connect to source.

message 6: by Jenn (new)

Jenn Flores | 4 comments What Hatonn is saying seems to sound like the root of what almost every religion is trying to communicate since as far back as religion goes. So in that case...the Creator is God or Buddha or any of the other Higher Powers/sources according to whichever religion you are looking at. I've heard of Oneness and Non-Duality too in the spiritual world and they're all saying the same thing: that the message is found through meditation/silence/prayer/being. And the message is love and it is infinite. .....do I sound crazy??

message 7: by Abbie (new)

Abbie Branch-Grover (burning_the_hive) | 5 comments I don’t think you sound crazy—I definitely feel like most religious overtones generally say that love and being of service to others is what it’s all about. I can’t remember if the Hatonn transcripts mention service..

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