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I don't watch david letterman

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and if i dont???

message 6: by [deleted user] (new) point has been made.and i say craig ferguson is better

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Yeah, I don't even know who that is..

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do you even watch tv??

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well, yeah, the good stuff!

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craig is good!!!!!

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Fangs sister (fangssister) David Michael Letterman (born April 12, 1947) is an American television host and comedian. He is best known as the host of a late night television talk show, Late Show with David Letterman broadcast on CBS. He has been a fixture on late night television since the 1982 debut of Late Night with David Letterman; only Johnny Carson, one of Letterman's idols, has had a longer late-night hosting career.

Letterman is also a television and film producer; his company Worldwide Pants produces his show as well as The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson that follows his. Worldwide Pants has also produced several prime-time comedies, the most successful of which was Everybody Loves Raymond, currently in syndication.

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wow.dave is funny occasionally but not as much as the other late nights

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