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Asper Blurry | 28 comments Hi there,

I'm looking for a Beta Reader for my YA, contemporary novel, "Behind the Ghost Metropolis", complete at 65,000 words.

Here's the blurb:

"Growing up in a poor neighborhood with abusive parents has made 17-year-old Punk tough. And determined to escape the curse of nurture.

The first prize at a poetry contest boosts Punk’s belief that despite her upbringing, she’s not doomed to be a failure. She works hard to get into a writing residency in Italy next summer.

But when strange, dark thoughts start haunting her, she’s spiraling out of control. She feels powerless as mood swings, alcohol, drugs and fights with everyone slowly pull her away from her goal.

Worried about Punk’s sudden behavior change, her best friend, Em, and a new boyfriend, Nihil, drag her to a therapist. Diagnosis: bipolar disorder. It sounds like a life sentence.

Yet, Punk refuses to take her meds – she’s not crazy! And things get worse.

It’s only when she wakes up in a hospital after the suicide attempt, she realizes she still has a chance.

And that damn light she saw before, might not be a distant wish, after all. "

If you're interested, you can PM here or shoot me an email:


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Konstantinos Pappis | 6 comments Sent you an email :)

message 3: by Asper (new)

Asper Blurry | 28 comments Konstantinos wrote: "Sent you an email :)"

Ok, thanks, will reply shortly!

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