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message 1: by Darlene (new)

Darlene Bocek (darlenenbocek) | 1 comments As authors, do you find the subject of infidelity and adultery TABOO in Christian fiction?

I have seen many stories where the MC is the victim, and it seems to do well--like in Redeeming Love.

But what about the MC who is being tempted by a married man. As a reader, would that be absolutely a turn-off/shut-the-book for you? As an author, would you avoid that kind of conflict?

Obviously, the theme would be redemption and restoration of the marriage. I'd love your input.

message 2: by R.J. (new)

R.J. Gilbert (rjagilbert) | 67 comments I know we're told we have to write with our audience in mind, but as Christians, unless you are going to go full indie, you also have to write with your agent/publisher's fears in mind. I've had potential agents balk at the idea of two unmarried people waking up together--even though both were dressed and it was a completely innocent situation. They are just afraid of the possibility that they will lose some of their target market if something like that is in there. It's not a matter of morality to them; it's a factor of the risk they are taking in promoting your work.

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