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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. YA/Adult Fiction: Man & young girl meet on plane that crashes in a rainforest (Not a spoiler) No love story. Green cover w white letters, & book is only about 1/2" thick. Read it between 2007-2015. Spoilers ahead.

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Aranel | 2 comments The man and girl help each other survive, and eventually they find this indigenous tribe that has some sort of healing tree sap. It's in Central or South America or something. Eventually the man and girl find their way back to America.

I believe there were cell phones in the book, so it wasn't written too long ago.

Any ideas on the name of the book? And I think the author might have been male?

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Kris | 35714 comments Mod
Aranel, I notice the link for The Survivors by Gregg Luke. Is this the book you're looking for?

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Aranel | 2 comments Yep

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