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The Message of Matthew
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message 1: by Campbell (new) - added it

Campbell Brice (incessantbarking) | 36 comments Please correct the title and add subtitle.

The subtitle on this the UK edition is the same as the US edition: "The Kingdom of Heaven".


message 2: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 23147 comments Corrected the title, however, the subtitle is not on the cover & it isn't on the correct link at amazon either. We use the isbn/asin to confirm both cover and details.

message 3: by Campbell (new) - added it

Campbell Brice (incessantbarking) | 36 comments If the subtitle is not added to this edition, it will be inconsistent with others in the series.

Others in the series The Bible Speaks Today: New Testament have subtitles. It appears that the publisher has not always included them on their website for the New Testament series and the data provided to Amazon. So, for example, these volumes have their subtitles listed:

But some don't:

(All volumes in the the sister series The Bible Speaks Today: Old Testament have subtitles.)

The subtitles are not on any covers of any editions (UK or US), but are published on all title pages as well as on pages listing all volumes in the series.

It's listed with the subtitle "The Kingdom of Heaven" in the British Library catalogue:

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