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Silent to the Bone
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA Murder Mystery about a Male's Silent Friend. [s]

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Emma (emmajh97) | 2 comments Genre: Young Adult Murder Mystery
Time Period: Read ~2008-2010.

I read this book while I was in a middle school humanities class in Denver, CO. The book seemed to be a bit more contemporary. Some of my details may be off, I've forgotten a lot since reading this. I think a majority of the book is written in first perspective. It's not a very long book, about an average short novel.

Plot Details:
The school-aged male protagonist has a formerly quirky male friend [I'll refer to him as XYZ] who has suddenly gone quiet ever since XYZ's (younger brother?) baby relative was killed. XYZ is the main suspect, so the protagonist is asked to tell investigators about him.
There was one (small, insignificant) flashback scene where we learn that XYZ's father was disapproving of his behavior. It was at a party/get-together of some kind- XYZ was picking up his bowl while eating, and claimed "Oh, this is how they do it in Japan(?)/China(?)", but his father got mad at him for not eating like a normal person.

In the end the murderer turns out the be the female babysitter(?) fiancé of the XYZ's older brother(?), who killed the baby in the bathtub, I think. I don't remember if the baby was drowned or if it had it's head smashed in.

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Emma (emmajh97) | 2 comments Rosa wrote: "Silent to the Bone"

Wow! That was fast, thank you!
Yup, that's definitely it. :)

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Rosa (rosaiglarsh) | 5099 comments :) You’re welcome, happy reading!

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