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smallshineyhearts | 211 comments If it’s okay with you, I already have a plot in mind. But if you don’t want to use the name I gave the person, you can change it if you want to. Also if it’s ok I would like to be the girl character, who is the assassin?

smallshineyhearts | 211 comments Okay cool, I’ll post the plot

smallshineyhearts | 211 comments Noelle is a badass everyone calls her. She goes around on missions only to kill the bad guys. Yet better know as an Assassin, a professional assassin. She travels around the world killing the bad people. She is in the United States on the hunt for an other professional assassin that calls himself ‘The Ripper’ that uses his knowledge for bad. On the way she meets a tall but about her age named Bassett, a blonde haired, blue eyed good boy. After he almost kills her with his bow n arrow. She invites him to go on the hunt for witch he decines, but she insists on him coming with her so he has no choice but to go on the mission with her. Killing a fellow Assassin of her cult they go after him. The Ripper is the the very first guy on the cults kill list. When she meets and Bassett and gets better, she takes him in and trains him on their own knowing it would take a while but she’d have the extra help, as she was the best student while they had while she was training. Once she finishes training Bassett they continue the hunt for The Ripper. It would be a long and hard mission, but would it would be worth it. Will they fall for each other? Or after they take down the Ripper, will the fall apart?

smallshineyhearts | 211 comments Okay gotcha :)

smallshineyhearts | 211 comments No we don’t have to

smallshineyhearts | 211 comments Can you?

smallshineyhearts | 211 comments Noelle was wearing all black, with her black hood over her long blonde hair as she quickly ran on her dark brown horses back. She was in a rush given a mission that she had to accomplish as quickly as she could. On a hunt that she felt she could do. Suddenly she was cut off when an arrow hit her In her rib cage. She screamed in pain, as she fell off her horse into the dirt. As she rolled once or twice, the arrow deepened into her she finally stopped and looked around and saw the arrow in her left side as she grabbed it preparing to take it out she herd footsteps coming she grabbed her bow and arrow and stood up pretty quick despite her pain.

smallshineyhearts | 211 comments She aimed her now at him not letting her guard down for a second. Her bleeding continues as she got up really quickly and her moves quick and swift. Witch made her bleed even more. “Yes I’m fine.” She said and ran at him very quickly. She tackled him to make sure he wouldn’t try anything she switched her hidden blade out and aimed it at him “who are you!”

smallshineyhearts | 211 comments ((It’s okay I understand))

Noelle looked at him and calmed down a bit she started to feel dizzy as she looked around light headed, she saw double or more of everything she looked at her horse standing there patiently awaiting her to come over to her again, the trees, Barrett. She was confused this never happened to her before she stood up and started to freak out. Remembering her very important training to stay calm. But stood there, then suddenly she passed out falling limp.

smallshineyhearts | 211 comments She laid limp on the horse as her horse followed them to where they were going, she rode in the front of the saddle so he could keep an eye on her as the horse was headed towards Barrett’s house. Her horse followed all the way to the house. Finally when Noelle woke up she was in a bed, the arrow out of side, and there was a wrap around her side.

smallshineyhearts | 211 comments She looked at him and nodded “yeah I’m fine.” She said smiled a bit at him “thanks for that by the way.” She rubbed her side out of reaction as it still hurt as she watched his moves not letting her guard down for a second. He was a stranger but he did save her life so she allowed herself relax a little bit around him.

smallshineyhearts | 211 comments She nodded as she was ready for the pain to come as he cleaned the her wound. It was deeper than she thought as she saw the arrow in the corner of the room. She said “go for it!” She said before he started to clean her wound. He started and it stung bad but she was pretty tough and didn’t let it show that much until the dis-infect-ant stuff he put on her side reached the inside of her body then that’s when it hurt really bad. She closed her eyes and bit her tongue really hard. But it only lasted for a second before it went away as he started wrapping the clean bandages around her waist.

smallshineyhearts | 211 comments She smiled and watched him “yeah I am I will just need some rest, then be on my way I don’t want to be a burden on you and your mom or who ever you live with.” She smiled and watched him a bit more as he talked and pulled up a chair as he wanted to know her name. She thought about lying and saying her name was something else. But she shrugged that thought off as she told the truth “My name is Noelle.” She said “What’s yours?”

smallshineyhearts | 211 comments She giggled and looked at him “your kinda funny. I like you.” She said and debated to herself weather she should come out and tell him why she’s dressed in all black dressed like she is. She sighed and closed her eyes for a second and decided not to stress out about it and just come out and tell him “Do you know why I’m dressed like I am?” She said in a whisper and looked at him

smallshineyhearts | 211 comments “Well it’s always good to have a sense of humor.” She listened to him guess if she was a ninja, or a run away child who doesn’t want to be found. As he stoked what she guessed to be an invisible beard, but she wasn’t going to ask. She smiled and shook her head “nope those are good guesses though.” She leaned closer to him and looked at him “if I tell you you have to promise not to say anything.”

smallshineyhearts | 211 comments “If you tell anyone I might have to do both. Other than you I’ve never told anyone.. not even my parents. But.. I’m kinda like a Ninja but better.” she said as she dramatically lowered her voice to a very “I am an assassin.” Noelle said to him and watched his reaction to see if she should tell him more or just invite him to come with her and tell him on the way when she knows she can trust him more

smallshineyhearts | 211 comments ((Hey just making sure we are still continuing this rp))

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Austin | 444 comments ((What happened to Linda.))

smallshineyhearts | 211 comments (( I have no idea, she might not want to do this rp anymore Maybe?))

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Austin | 444 comments Ok your turn on interstellar adventure

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