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JP Reads (jpfantasyreads) | 792 comments Mod
Hello All,

It's that time again, time to nominate our Books of the Month for January 2019! Please list your choices below =)

To nominate:

*List the book with the title, author, and cover

*Only nominate the FIRST book in a series
--- We will only be reading the first book of any series as a group, members may continue reading a particular series on their own or suggest it as a series read along

*Please keep the nominations to the Urban Fantasy genre

Find a list of past BOTMs here: https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/...

--Nominations will end Thursday December 27th--

Have fun!

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Paulette Bangkok Warlock (Southeast Asia Paranormal Police Department) by John P. Logsdon
Why sell your soul when you can rent it? Mark Vedis is an average cop. Average for a mage in the Paranormal Police Department (PPD), anyway. After years of doing the jobs nobody else wanted, his career, and life, seemed to be on hold. Then he met a foul-mouthed demon who filled him with power, turned him into a warlock, and dumped him into a world of wealth and debauchery that was disturbing at best.

When an enemy strikes who is far beyond what the cops in the PPD have ever seen, Mark is forced to travel to Thailand and face threats from all sides.

But he soon learns that the chief of the Bangkok PPD is on the take, the local mafia is stirring up trouble, two of his team members have already been killed, and his new partners have trouble keeping their clothes on in public. Okay, the public nudity is probably the least of his worries.

Worst of all, everyone in the supernatural community despises what he's become.

To them, 'warlock' is a dirty word...

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DJay (djdjay) | 1 comments Tabitha (Tabitha Trilogy, #1) by Andrew Hall Tabitha

Nothing could prepare Tabitha Jones for the dead infested world she woke up to.

Robbed of her loved ones and altered by the venom of an alien species, she's forced to leave her old life behind and survive the ruins of Earth. Pursued relentlessly by monstrous swarms and desperate survivors, she faces a changing post-apocalyptic world and her own ever-evolving abilities as she searches for the remnants of civilisation.

But as humanity turns on her, and the alien threat hunts their hybrid creation ever more obsessively, Tabitha comes to realise that there's only one side left to fight for – her own.

Mastering her new electrical nature, she learns to control a living alien weapon – and begins to carve her own path in a violent overgrown world. Where that path will lead her though, not even she can know...

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