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Title: The Curse of the Storm Giant Queen-The Chronicles of the Wizards Without Color-Book 1
Author: J.K. Lutes
Genre: Fantasy/Young Adult Fantasy
: Formats Available: Mobi, Epub, Pdf
Pages: 157


When the magic of his people started to fail, Justin’s ancestors began holding the Trials of Eternity to determine what powers they still commanded. Yet even with these new limitations to their magic, their influence over the land continued to grow, until the pirates came. Terrors came from the air and from across the sea, and drove the wizards from their homes. After fleeing from their attackers, the wizards built a new city, even grander than the last.

Over a millennium later, Justin has learned his powers, and he goes on a quest with Lauren and Alyssa to the ancient city of the wizards to search for weapons that were lost during the pirate attack. His attempt to recover the weapons meets with a degree of success, but Justin gets much more than he bargained for, because he learns of a curse that could mean the end of his people.

Now Justin and his mentor, Riordan, must travel to the city of the storm giants, to lift the curse of the storm giant queen, before the new wizard city descends into a darkness from which they will never recover.

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