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Stardust of Yesterday (de Piaget, #9; de Paiget/MacLeod, #1)
This topic is about Stardust of Yesterday
SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Lynn Kurland Maybe/Possibly de Piaget Family Series. [s]

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Dianne (dianne1) | 26 comments The only thing I can remember about this Lynn Kurland book (at least I'm pretty sure it's Lynn Kurland) is that the male protagonist is a ghost in his castle and the female protagonist (not a ghost) cuts herself on his sword and he nearly 'kills' himself trying to help her. (I think she was nearly bleeding out).

I've tried looking at the synopsis of most of the books but can't find anything that sounds like a book with a ghost and an alive woman!

Perhaps this is another author?

Dianne (dianne1) | 26 comments kelgar01 wrote: "Stardust of Yesterday?" That could be it, I don't know how I passed that one over.


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