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message 1: by Philippa (last edited Jul 03, 2019 11:16AM) (new)

Philippa (philibreading) | 9 comments My Goodreads Reading Challenge for 2019 is to read 30 books.

10 Free Reads
10 Audible Reads
10 Agatha Christie Reads All Miss Marple Stories

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Philippa (philibreading) | 9 comments My 10 Free Reads in 2019:

1. 'The Queens Poisoner' (Kingfountain #1) by Jeff Wheeler - READ 14.01.2019
2. 'The Fiver King' (Feverwake #1) by Victoria Lee - READ 08.02.2019
3. 'Thunderhead' (Arc of a Scythe #2) by Neil Shusterman - READ 14.04.2019

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Philippa (philibreading) | 9 comments I'm going to use the 'Clear Your Shelves' challenge as motivation to clear out my audible shelves. I won't count adaptations or dramatizations, just books being read aloud. Although this isn't all of my current TBH, 10 seems like a realistic goal to make a dent in things.

It will probably include the following (TBC):

1. Scythe - FINISHED 20.03.2019
2. To Kill a Kingdom
3. Eve of Man
4. Billy and Me
5. On the Other Side
6. The Clockmaker's Daughter
7. Mythos
8. La Belle Sauvage
9. Armada
10. A Bear Called Paddington

[edit 03.07.2019] I'm apparently not making space in my life at the moment for audiobooks. If that doesn't change soon I am unlikely to make any sort of dent into this list.

message 4: by Philippa (last edited Jul 03, 2019 11:18AM) (new)

Philippa (philibreading) | 9 comments I have a longer term goal to read all of Agatha Christie's work, but I would like to read 10 of her stories during 2019 as part of 'An Author's Work' challenge.

From with my giant short story collection Miss Marple and Mystery: Over 50 Stories I am going to read all the Marple ones. These were originally published in two collections and I am going to count each collection as one book.

1. The Thirteen Problems
•The Tuesday Night Club (read in Jan 2018 as part of The Detectives: Miss Marple, Poirot and Others Short Stories)
•The Idol House of Astarte - READ 15.01.19
•Ingots of Gold - READ 16.01.19
•The Blood-Stained Pavement - READ 16.01.19
•Motive v. Opportunity - READ 16.01.19
•The Thumb Mark of St. Peter (read in Jan 2018 as part of The Detectives: Miss Marple, Poirot and Others Short Stories)
•The Blue Geranium - READ 17.01.19
•The Companion - READ 18.01.19
•The Four Suspects - READ 19.01.19
•A Christmas Tragedy - READ 19.01.19
•The Herb of Death - READ 19.01.19
•The Affair at the Bungalow (read in Jan 2018 as part of The Detectives: Miss Marple, Poirot and Others Short Stories)
•Death by Drowning - READ 20.01.19

2. Miss Marple's Final 6 Cases and 2 Other Stories
•Sanctuary - READ 22.01.19
•Strange Jest - READ 25.01.19
•Tape-Measure Murder - READ 24.01.19
•The Case of the Caretaker - READ 24.01.19
•The Case of the Perfect Maid - READ 22.01.19
•Miss Marple Tells a Story - READ 21.01.19
•The Dressmaker's Doll (not Miss Marple)
•In a Glass Darkly (not Miss Marple)

3. The Murder at the Vicarage - READ 06.02.2019
4. The Body in the Library - READ 12.02.2019
5. The Moving Finger - READ 21.02.2019
6. A Murder is Announced - READ 12.03.2019
7. The Do It With Mirrors - READ 03.04.2019
8. A Pocket Full of Rye - READ 21.04.2019
9. The Mirror Crack's from Side to Side - READ 18.05.2019
10. A Caribbean Mystery - READ 07.06.2019

[edit 03.07.2019] This challenge has evolved into me wanting to read ALL the Miss Marple stories this year. I've only got two novels and a short story to go!

11. Nemesis - READ 02.07.2019 (Read out of order because it follows on from 'A Caribbean Mystery')
12. At Bertram's Hotel
13. Sleeping Murder (Published last but was actually written after 'A Pocket Full of Rye' so should really have been read then for consistency in Miss Marple's various stages of fragility)
14. 'Greenshaw's Folly' (A short story I missed in Miss Marple and Mystery: Over 50 Stories)

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