Night Pleasures (Dark-Hunter, #1) Night Pleasures question

Which character is your personal favorite from the dark hunter series?
Jahanvi Jahanvi Dec 17, 2018 11:07PM
My Favourite Character is Acheron. He is powerful, brooding, caring, hot, he takes care of people he loves. He's so lethal and still he has a beautiful heart, the way he cares for simi melts my heart. He is the man everyone tends to when they need help . You can't dislike him, I've been in love with him since book 1 and I'm about to read book 14 Acheron and I'm so excited!!



OH GOD ACHERON FTW!!! I just love how he being compose and not act like overreact ambition alpha male. I love how he has flaw and bitter past but still kind to everyone

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