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message 1: by Anne ✨ (new)

Anne ✨ Finds Joy (annefindsjoy) | 718 comments For all you PenPals who love to craft, here's a group thread to connect with eachother and make some new PenPal friends based on common interests!

message 2: by Ariel (last edited Dec 18, 2018 07:39PM) (new)

Ariel  (lamot_amant) | 19 comments description

Anyone remember when Rory (Gilmore Girls) went to Yale only to realize she was rooming with Paris... and Paris' craft corner? 🤣

"She's a craft person now, so it's not safe to leave anything around her anymore."
"Maybe that's where crafty comes from."

I'm def in that category - I like to try a bit of everything. What does everyone else work with?

message 3: by Alissa (new)

Alissa | 4 comments I used to watch The Gilmore Girls all the time. Loved that show. And yes she was definitely a crafter as am I too 😊
I do crochet. At the moment I’m working on two blanket projects. I’m not even half way yet 😂 but I’m getting there!
I also love making things. Whether it be models or ceramics and mosaics. I was into diamond paintings for a while. I still have that project going too!
I like any kind of art really but I am a drawer. I used to sketch all the time. Usually doing book covers!

message 4: by Diana (new)

Diana (secondhandrose) | 45 comments I'm a needleworker. I do cross stitch and belong to a group that meets monthly. I have also made patchwork quilts. Making one for my nephew right now as he is moving into his first home.
I used to do a lot of dressmaking, hoping to get back to that this year as I have a new job with less hours and less travelling time.

message 5: by Lacy (new)

Lacy (kempfme) I'm a knitter. I love making scarves, mittens, hats, and shawls. I am currently working on my first bottom-top sweater in pieces with finishings of buttons.

message 6: by Taylor (new)

Taylor Guttry Hall (taylorleighgh) | 3 comments I crochet! I prefer making lace but have made apparel, blankets, and stuffed animals as well. The only thing I enjoy as much as crochet is definitely sending and receiving letters!

message 7: by Melanie (new)

Melanie I love cross-stitch and tapestry and am starting to weave. I really want to knit and crochet one day too.

message 8: by Jason (new)

Jason (jasonh) I create handmade komboloi - fidget/worry beads - as well as bracelets from semiprecious gemstones, glass, and other special materials. I also enjoy making paracord knotwork bracelets and key fobs.

message 9: by Melanie (new)

Melanie Wow, how do you make those? I'd love to see pics of your work!

message 10: by Jason (new)

Jason (jasonh) Melanie - I would be happy to send you pics of the komboloi, but I do not see that I can post here. And I don’t see that I can send them in a message. You might know a way! But if you have a way you would like me to send them, I will. Thanks!

message 11: by Melanie (last edited Jul 02, 2019 09:23AM) (new)

Melanie If you click "(some html is ok)" just above where you type, it will show you how to add links and/or images to your post.

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