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message 1: by Diane (new)

Diane | 1356 comments Airs in the US December 30, 2018

message 2: by Teresa (new)

Teresa Mader | 169 comments Well just going to say there is reading it, then there is seeing it. Ouch.

message 3: by Silverblades (new)

Silverblades | 265 comments Teresa wrote: "Well just going to say there is reading it, then there is seeing it. Ouch."
I'm just waiting for the shouting match next episode when people start comparing stories and it all comes out. Also, I'm going to recommend that anyone who thinks they've had a rough time getting to know their in-laws watch this episode.

message 4: by Beth (new)

Beth Sponzilli | 18 comments Loved every second of it.

message 5: by MichaelCollins (new)

MichaelCollins | 818 comments This was an awesome episode -- pretty true to the books -- Roger sure can't catch a break

message 6: by Leslie (new)

Leslie Reed | 7 comments I think this was my favorite episode since the wedding in season 1. I loved how emotional Jamie got seeing his daughter for the first time. There was some great acting in this episode.

BookishandBliss April | 2 comments Being able to finally see Jamie and Brianna around each other made me so happy! Also, though, knowing what was coming with Roger, whew. That was rough. I’m already impatient for next week’s episode.

message 8: by Beth_A (new)

Beth_A Warren | 77 comments The meeting between Jamie and Brianna was everything I hoped it would be, and it kept true to the book. A very satisfying episode which I will watch again...and again. They have great chemistry and I'm so glad the camping scene was included.

message 9: by Jen (new)

Jen (jennibug23) | 16 comments Loved this episode. True to the book and the acting was spot on. I loved seeing how they are fitting Murtagh in still. And Ian and Lizzie's interactions are quite interesting.

message 10: by Janet (new)

Janet (janaran) | 49 comments Poor Roger. Great show.

message 11: by Felicity (new)

Felicity | 2 comments Love, love, loved this episode! Such stellar acting especially with the reunion with Claire and Bri and also Bri meeting Jamie. And poor Roger :( I both love and hate Bonnet! Definitely looking forward to next weeks episode : D

message 12: by Miss Melly (new)

Miss Melly | 34 comments Omg! Loved everything about this episode. Sophie Skelton was phenomenal. Every scene was perfect, and it was great to see so many of DG's beautiful words included. Probably my fave episode to date.

message 13: by Lorinda (new)

Lorinda Cockrell (rindalovestoread) | 54 comments This episode was amazing! Every actor and actress played their part to the fee. The directors, writers and producers gave us what the book said to us.The feel goods and the frustration. Can't wait until episode nine to continue with the rest of the story.

message 14: by MichaelCollins (new)

MichaelCollins | 818 comments I think Ms Skelton aquitted herself quite well as Bri, despite earlier doubts. Its funny, I have heard her in an interview and she sounds as British as is, but she carries an American accent well.

The episode I thought was pretty true to the books, and really enjoyed Bri's first meeting with Jamie, and then Jamie calling out "Sassanch" to Claire to bring her attention to Bri.

message 15: by Cheri (last edited Jan 02, 2019 07:19AM) (new)

Cheri (cherirnhealer) | 157 comments This has to be the best episode of the season. I really loved it. Although poor Brianna's (view spoiler), her meeting with Jamie and Claire was all I hoped it would be. Poor Roger got a bum rap and he sure didn't deserve it, but it will all come out in the wash next week.

message 16: by Beth_A (new)

Beth_A Warren | 77 comments Claire wasn't supposed to be at Wilmington with Jamie. He was supposed to take her to Cross Creek to meet Aunt Jocasta first. But I guess they wanted to condense the story line. It was still a satisfying episode.

message 17: by MichaelCollins (last edited Jan 06, 2019 09:50AM) (new)

MichaelCollins | 818 comments Just a few images to prep us for this evening:






message 18: by Diane (new)

Diane | 1356 comments Gotta say I was not expecting the piss shot in the show:) why I am not sure but it was weird to see.

message 19: by Barb (new)

Barb Wild (bearsilu2) | 24 comments i also thought the show was wonderful this week. They were the characters this week, not the people who play the characters like on Sunday's episode. All i can think about though is Jamie peeing in the street in Wilmington on the side of the buildings. I was there shopping the other day and they still have the trenches for water and et all to role down the trench to the street away from the buildings from those days. GROSS. Seriously they are there! I was more excited for Jamie to see Bri than Bri to See her mom. I just feel like they are my immediate family!

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