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A Long Story  Short Co. (alongstoryshortco) | 79 comments Mod
We have tallied the votes from GoodReads, Facebook, and Instagram and the winner is....

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

You've got 2 weeks to grab a copy and get to reading! Our first discussion topic will be posted January 1st! Before purchasing a new copy we always suggest first supporting your public libraries and local used bookshops!!

Happy Reading!


The Night Circus - 3 votes
Locus Solus - 2 votes
The Magician's Nephew - 2 votes
The Prisoner of Cell 25 - 0 votes
Thumbelina: The Bride Experiment - 0 votes

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A Long Story  Short Co. (alongstoryshortco) | 79 comments Mod
We can't wait to start reading this! We are so new to this that we want to keep it pretty laid back right now so that you can read at your own pace and then as time progresses we may alter that to do more with it and see what works best! We will just be posting some discussion boards so that readers can chime in as they go! If you have any suggestions ever though as to what may make the club better or more enjoyable feel free to leave any feedback!

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