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message 2: by Dirk, Moderator (new)

Dirk Van | 2843 comments Or if you prefer this link:

message 3: by Ruth (new)

Ruth | 1905 comments Dirk wrote: ""

It’s fun to see how much Dutch I can read just because I speak English and some Norwegian, and can recognize some German words.

message 4: by Dirk, Moderator (new)

Dirk Van | 2843 comments Haha, sorry about the first link being only in Dutch ;-)

But you're right there's a lot of similarities between Dutch and German and in lesser amount Norwegian.

What did you think of the photo's?

message 5: by Geoffrey (new)

Geoffrey Aronson (geaaronson) | 930 comments I am very much impressed with this selection of photos with the exception of the three fruit images running consecutively.

message 6: by Dirk, Moderator (new)

Dirk Van | 2843 comments My favorite is the little boy with the painted face by Danny Yen Sin Wong in Faces, People, Cultures

message 7: by Heather, Moderator (new)

Heather | 8396 comments Hey! I finally got to peruse the photos! Incredible!

Going through them, I really like the one from the young 13-year-old Tevin Kim with the mountains and water. At first glance I thought the picture was taken half in/half out of the water, it is almost an illusion. Love it!

I really like the winner Marinka Masseus with the black and white children. The contrast is amazing and beautiful.

I really like the next photo following that with the older woman in black and white by Tom Law, United Kingdom . The depth of the various textures and patterns give the viewer a lot to look at, it's one I could gaze at for quite awhile. And I just like the expression on her face. It seems as one of calm and wisdom.

Sue O'Connell, United Kingdom Wow! Again the stark contrast of relatively two or three 'colors' (if white and black are considered a color). Incredible!

So cool! Interesting image. Robin Yong, Malaysia

Again, Robin Yong, Malaysia . I love the contrasting colors in this one, too! I think color is what draws me the most. That red umbrella!

I absolutely love all the 'natural' world photos, too many to post here, this one especially though I can't say I like any one over another. Florent Mamelle, France

I love silhouettes. I find in my own novice photography, I take a lot of pictures of silhouettes. This by Yong Miao, China is beautiful!

Awwww! Roie Galitz, Israel

Wow, what an intense look! And the reflected image in her eyes. Matjaz Krivic, Slovenia

Well, there are so many more I absolutely love. In fact, I can't say I don't appreciate any of them! I think I have commented over my share, suffice it to say thank you for introducing this link!

message 8: by Dirk, Moderator (new)

Dirk Van | 2843 comments Indeed so many!
And you took the time to upload them all!

If I want to upload more than two pics a day I have to prove I'm not a robot :-P
Again today just a couple of minutes ago with the post for pic of the day ;-)

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